Home Depot Kitchen Wrap Up

Our home depot kitchen, aye ca rumba, our kitchen. In my head, I always think that hiring things out will make them faster and better and well – something I don’t have to worry about. I think it’s because we do almost everything ourselves that I sorta forget that it can suck to depend on someone else to finish things/start things/do things. I mean – totally – don’t get me wrong … it can also suck when you have to do it, but at least you have control over the project. If everything looks like a big fat zero at the end, it’s sorta on you. 😀 Or your husband. 😉

And so, when we bought this house in APRIL, and started our home depot kitchen renovations, we thought the 4-6 week time frame that Home Depot gave us is what we’d be looking at. My friends, we were wrong. SO WRONG. I kid you not, the last details on the kitchen officially happened last week. As in late-November.

It may have taken half of 2014, but man, was it worth it.

Kitchen Before

Do y’all remember when our kitchen looked like the photo above?

Now. my friends, it looks like this.

White Kitchen with Quartz Counters

A little rough around the edges (ahem, keep your eyes off the ceiling) but it is a legitimately functional space now.

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinets

Mmmmm, suggga. Love, love, love it. And I knew we would, but to be fair I also thought the kitchen in our last house rocked pretty hard.

Here’s a shot of that bad boy.

DIY Herringbone Backsplash

And here’s the kicker – it took 6-weeks instead of 6-months.

Now I know I gave a comparison in this post, but now that things are completely settled, I thought it would be nice for all of you to hear some of the main differences we had with our Lowes installed kitchen vs. our Home Depot kitchen Install. Here is a full home depot kitchen review for you:


It’s a bit hard to compare apples to apples on this one, since the kitchen layouts were different for each house, but overall, after lots of shopping around I have to say Lowes and Home Depot are nearly identical on their pricing.

Obviously your price is going to be swayed by add ons (interior organization, lazy susans, etc) and the overall size of your kitchen, but we found their pricing to be extremely similar.

They both run promotions often, so my advice would be to scope out the door style and manufacturer you like best, and then jump when the promotion is good. We found Labor Day weekend to be a great time to buy, since they often throw in an extra 10% off for those few days. At Lowes last year they gave us a gift card for 10% of the purchase price, and at Home Depot, they just took 10% off the order.


Now, this landed up being my Achilles heel on this kitchen renovation. I fell hard for the Martha Stewart Wellston style cabinet.

I love a simple shaker cabinet, but I especially loved how unique the double insert panel was on the Wellston cabinet.

Here is a close up of how the doors look on the cabinets.

Martha Stewart Spice Cabinet

And here is a shot of the drawers in action.

GE Cafe Oven


This is where our Home Depot kitchen started to suck it big time – at least our experience, with our Home Depot. Like slurpee until the end of the time. Lowes said 6-weeks, that’s what we got. Home Depot said 6-weeks, and that’s not what we got. Big fat sad face. It literally took 6-months to get this bad boy installed. Whoa nelly.

To be fair, we’ve always had really good interactions with Home Depot, so I really think it was the particular store we went through locally. That being said, its a bit of a gamble to know if your store might also fall into that category!


At the end of the day, it would have been one thing for Home Depot kitchen staff to just be really behind with their schedule, but the customer service was pretty atrocious along with it. Cue another whomp whomp. Again, I’m going to give the chain the benefit of the doubt and say it was just our local store that was having such a tricky time with it all. We did notice that they had a general manager switch mid-way through the reno, and that communication improved after, but still – it. was. bad.

Things like matching our end cabinet door took the longest, but you guys, it finally matches. Whattt!!!??!! 😀

Martha Stewart Wellston

In the end, my best advice to you would be check out all the local options available to you and go with the one that gives you the best gut reaction. Feel free to snort laugh here, but we decided to go with Home Depot this round since we thought they’d be so much quicker than going custom, or through a woodworker. Given that we’re down here in the furniture making land, we were probably totally wrong on that. What’s done is done though and it feels pretty high faluten’ fantastic to say that the KITCHEN IS DONE!

The Big Box Duel

Buying cabinets – it’s quite the adventure. I have to add – especially here in the south. I’m convinced that people work at just a bit of a slower pace down here. This northern girl that sprints everywhere is still trying to adjust 😉

In the name of being thorough, we decided that we’d scope out both Home Depot and Lowe’s this time around and report back on which one was our favsies. A big box duel, if you will. Are you ready to rumbllleeee???


Since we got our cabinets for our Michigan house from Lowe’s we figured that it was a logical place to start. We weren’t bowled over by the process the first time, but things went smoothly enough and we thought that we might as well start there again. Plus, Home Depot makes you pay in advance to come out and measure, and that seemed like a bit of a hassle to us, too.

So we set up an appointment and found a few cabinet styles we liked. When we started the planning process, we were leaning toward this style (Culver), which is pretty much a traditional shaker style, with an extra inset panel. Nice.

Gray Diamond Cabinets

This is what the Culver cabinet style looks like in a full kitchen, and in white (which is what we’d be doing). Swanky, right? I’m a sucker for traditional cabinet styles, so I’ve always been partial to a nice shaker door.

Diamond Culver Cabinet

This is another, similar, door style that I had in mind as well. Just a hair different than our kitchen in our last house – thought we’d mix it up just a little since we liked how these door styles provided a bit more visual interest.

Diamond Reflections Shaker

We went through the entire planning process (laying everything out, customizations) and then we got a zing-zing-zinger. The cabinets we picked out at Lowes we’re going to cost us about $11,000. WOAH. Now, for context, our first kitchen from Lowe’s set us back just under $5,000 and this one is certainly not twice the size. Herrumpph.

Initially, we had it in our heads that we wanted to go through Lowe’s since last time we got some pretty sweet Memorial Day savings, including 10% back as a gift card to Lowe’s. Now, when you’re moving into a new pad, any bit of $$ is helpful, so that was pretty enticing. Needless to say though, once we got that big fat total from Lowe’s we decided it would be worthwhile to at least look at Home Depot. I remembered last time we were on the hunt that I really liked the Martha Stewart Line – so I decided to start there.

And wonder of wonder’s I found a cabinet door that made my heart go a pitter patter. Martha just came out with a new door style, called Wellston and it might as well be called the key to Mary’s heart – cause I love it.

Wellston Martha Stewart

What do y’all think?! I was really liking the more updated take on the shaker cabinet door. Yummy. Note, the photo above is of the cabinet in cream – we will actually be getting “Picket Fence”

Here is another, side angle shot. Classy!

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

Now, unfortunately this cabinet style is so new that there really are not any examples of it online. Boo.

That being said, Holly over at Life in the Fun Lane has an awesome Martha Stewart kitchen, also in picket fence which provided a general idea of what ours would look like once installed. Truth be told, I’m officially geeking out looking at these photos 😀

Martha Stewart White Kitchen

We loved that in addition to being beautiful cabinets, that the Martha Stewart line also carries lots of nice (optional) upgrades to make your space that much more user friendly. Considering the cabin style bases we had before, we are beyond excited for sweet details like pull-out shelving and spice drawers. To optimize space, we’ll actually have a drawer like the one below, but just for spices (it’s only 3″ wide!). It was so much nicer to be able to use that 3″ for functional storage though, vs. a filler piece.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

We also decided to upgrade and get the pull-out drawers, to make our stored pots and pans that much more accessible.

Martha Stewart Cabinets

Lucky for us, the Martha Stewart line came in $2,500 less than the Lowe’s counterpart we had selected. Bam.

Added bonus, since we ordered the cabinets during a Memorial Day sale – we got an extra 10% off our total, bringing our total out of pocket cost, with tax and installation, to $7,200. Now in my book, that’s certainly nothing to bat a stick at, definitely not chump change! But since we knew we’d want to invest in some key features in our new home when we first moved in, we set aside some dough from the sale of our last house to help us pay for all of these initial renovations up front. We definitely feel like this will be money well spent!

Overall, here are the pros and cons we found for each location.


We officially ordered the cabinets last Friday, so now we just wait! It’s going to be close and truth be told, we may be kitchenless for a hot second when we first move in. At least we’ve got the grill, in a pinch! 😉 Next up, counter options!!