Going Cordless

One of the jankiest things about our basement built-in has been the cords that are all over the counter top. I hated those things. They were like weeds coming out of the cabinet and making the whole area look totally unkept and ugg. With a capital U. Here is a before picture to refresh your memory.

Computer with Cords

So when I brought up hiding the cords and organizing the space and Jay said it would be no problem to tackle – that made me happy. I didn’t believe him though. I thought he was pulling the whole happy wife, happy life routine. So I said great! … and anticipated not so great. To my complete and utter amazement this was SO EASY. Granted I stood beside him and snapped pictures, but he seemed to know what he was doing. Leave it to the pros, ya know?

The key was in a specific drill bit that he was able to borrow from his co-worker (thanks Ron!). It’s got a diamond blade – fancy, eh? So this beast of a blade cut right through our tile and made the most perfect little circle! I was totally envisioning tile shards flying everywhere and a totally messed up looking counter, but I guess I shouldn’t have doubted the man. So here’s the play by play. First, and most importantly go get a diamond edge hole saw, this is the one we used. You really need this if you are trying to create a hole in tile or stone. If you are just drilling through wood, you can use a normal hole saw, which is what we used after getting through the first layer of tile.

Drilling into Tile

First thing Jay did was get the area just a little wet. Probably a few tablespoons of water – just to helped with the friction. It decreases the heat and you do notice a funky smell if you don’t have a sufficient amount of water on the tile. You can see that a mud like substance starts to result as the tile and grout mix, and the hole begins to form. After this step, ya have a nice little perfectly rounded hole.

Hole in Tile

Next, after you get your layer of tile out, you need to come back through and get the chunk of wood underneath. This only took a second, and Jay just switched out the bit on his drill to a 1″ spade bit, which is just a normal circular wood bit.

Drilling into the Wood

Pretty much done at this point, just need to chisel out any extra wood pieces that are left on the outside perimeter. Look how intensely he is chiseling out that wood! Focused on his work, totally ignoring the paparazzi.

Chiseling Out Wood

After we cleaned up, we were left with this! Totally loving this FREE and super easy upgrade. The counter is feeling a lot more airy and open now – definitely a move in the right direction.

Computer Monitor

And a view from the back – look at how nice those cords look!