Counting Sheep as We Sleep

You know what makes me happy? Paying way less for something than I was supposed to. Ya know, like these chairs, or this couch. It just makes me feel like I spotted a $20 bill hanging out on the pavement. So when Jay and I were on the hunt for a new bed for our guest room, it made me extra happy when I found a sleep number (aka mucho dinero bed) for all of $100. And get this, the inflatable mattress had never been used. Shhhhwweeeettt! 😀

We were motivated to get our rear’s in gear when we found out my family would be coming down to the land of the pines in mid-July. When we started to do the math, we realized we’d be coming up a few beds short, which inspired us to bite the bullet and add a bed to our sleeping arrangement menu of options. After some sleuthing on craigslist, we came home with this. A mattress, in a box.

Sleep Number Bed Price

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, but my engineer of a husband was pretty sure he could figure it out. Back in the day, when I used to work at the Sunglass Hut at the mall (hated that job) I remember there was a swanky little mattress boutique next door, called Select Comfort. So when I spotted a never used twin on craigslist for $100, I put on my detective pants and started sleuthing, to see what it’s value would be if we bought it new. Bam. Y’all see that? That’s a 6 with two digits after it which = way more than the $100 we were about to part with.

Sleep Number Bed Price

So sleep number beds are super nifty in the fact that their air filled, so you can customize them to be firm, or soft, based on yo preference. Our guests are sleeping in style, people. Once we filled up the mattress, we realized something was still missing along the sides. The bed seemed a wee small, no?

Sleep Number Bed

Which was when we spotted the last part of our little mattress puzzle, these foam doo-hickeys that go along the side, like so. After you add the pillow top pad over the top, you’ve got yourself one fancy bed!

Assembling a Sleep Number Bed

Another added bonus, since this bed is right up against the wall, is that the air mattress component of it makes it really easy to lift the bed to the side as your making it since it’s so much lighter!

Speaking of making the bed, I had fun pulling a few items out of our packed storage inventory to make our bed feel a bit more guest ready. I love how the $3 blankets I snagged from the Goodwill look – everything looks so nice and cozy now!


While I was at it, I added some pillows from the last house to the mix as well.

Pillows from Homegoods

Speaking of HomeGoods … we might as well deem that place the land of baskets – since I scored this ginormous (and beautiful!) basket there this weekend for $24.99. For that size, that is down right criminal. It’s large enough that it’s perfect for end of bed storage and extra blankets.


But you know, as good as it feels to have this room more done, and ready for one of my sisters to slumber in, I’ve gotta be straight with you. If you pivot 90 degrees to the right, this is your view. Ha!

Guest Room After Moving

So let’s just pivot on back to the left y’all and enjoy what is done. Little steps, we’re getting closer!

Twin Bed in Guest Room


Rachel’s Palace

When Jay and I were house hunting, it was important for us to find a home that not only had space for us, but space to grow. Space, specifically, for a new family member that will be arriving in 6 months or so. Snicker. Do y’all think I’m announcing a new human coming out of my belly, cause it really sounds like it, now doesn’t it. 😀 Nope, this family member is not fresh out of the womb, she’s been alive and kicking for the past 21+ years. It’s my lovely kid sister Rachel and her cat son, Lou. When she graduates from college in a few months, she’s heading on down to live with us for a spell. Isn’t that exciting? Well Jay and I are pretty excited 😀

Rachel and Louie

So when we were on the hunt for a house, we knew that we wanted to have a space set aside for her, so that we all wouldn’t feel like we were living on top of each other. One of the reasons I was so bummed about the first house not working out, is that it’s layout was really perfect for that. Turns out, it was good to wait a little longer since this house actually trumps it. Lucky break, I guess! Here’s Rachel’s room – which currently – is the best room in the house with a full bathroom ensuite. #LivinItUp

Guest Room with Onsuite

For storage, the room has a decently size closet , which along with a dresser should be plenty of space for clothing storage.

Small Closet in Old House

It’s not a super large room, but it’s quite a bit longer than the rooms in our last house (almost 14′), which means I think I can eek in a sitting area in addition to the bedroom staples like a bed and a dresser.  I’m thinking if the space allows, I’d like to add a chair and side table over on this wall, next to the entry.

Sitting Area in Small Bedroom

The ensuite has a shower, small pedestal sink and a loo, of course 😉 It’s rather red as of present day, so that’ll be changing fo shizzle.

Adding Bathroom to Master

Even though in my dream of dreams this shower would have subway tile and a marble tile floor, in reality, it functions pretty well as is.

Small Walkin Shower

My immediate plans for both of the spaces are to paint the walls and accessorize, but long term, I do think this bathroom will be getting a gut and an update. If we’re ambitious, that will happen before Rachel arrives, but most likely it’ll be happening after. Luckily the house has another full bath, so we’ll have showering options when the demo day comes.

Guest Room Layout

Since Rachel will be coming down in the beginning of the new year, it’s my goal to have this space pretty much designed and ready so she can just move right in.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve got for this space in my head right now.

Rachel's Room Mood Board

Overall, I want the room to feel comfortable, fresh and inviting. Since Rachel will eventually move out, I’d like this room to be able to transition into a guest room further on down the road. For now though, and probably until Rachel moves in, I hate to admit that this will most likely be a junk collecting room! Gotta put it somewhere! 😀


A Glimpse of the Guest Room

Like the Master, the second bedroom on the main floor is also quite small. But ya know, it’s enough room for a bed and a dresser – so it works great for us! 🙂 Some day in the future, we will probably transition this space to a nursery for a mini-me, but for now, it works great as Jay’s dressing room 😉 He is usually up 30 mins before me, so it’s great to be able to get some additional shut eye without him rummaging around the room. When we convert the attic to a Master Suite – we will definitely be thinking about these types of logistical issues – for now – it’s nice to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t for when we design that space.

Most of this stuff is recycled from the old house, but we have a few new adds as well. Overall, I’m thinking we still need a rug, perhaps an ottoman for the end of the bed and some ART! There is not anything on the walls right now, and it’s looking sparse. Sad and sparse. Need to get on that stat. Here is a view of the bed, the main attraction in the room.

Guest Room

Sad but true, this is the fist room in the house that actually has a color in it, and not a neutral, beige or off-white tone. When it comes to colors, I just vastly prefer a soft a neutral palette, and anytime I’ve risked it and opted to add some color to the base – I usually HATE it. But, I decided to take a risk on this room, and I am so glad I did! We went with Wisdom by Behr, and it reads like an overcast sky. So lovely, and calming. Glad we opted to add just a hint of color in this room for something a bit different.

Here are some close-up shots of some of the details I love in the room. This mirror was a great find from HomeGoods. I love the texture on it, just adds a bit of depth to the room. The dresser still needs a lamp on it, or some other small details. Over time, those details usually fall into place. You can see that this bedroom is off to the side of the house, and looks out into the hall, and living room.

Guest Room – Dresser and Mirror

Another HomeGoods find – love this blanket! It is so incredibly soft! Fun little print that adds a little bit of a modern touch to a room that feels a wee bit too traditional to me right now. Got spice this one up a bit! Maybe with the art…

Guest Room – Bedspread

And here is a close up of the pillows. Mostly from Homegoods, the back two are from IKEA. I liked that you could see the stripe on the side, kind of whimsical and fun but still understated. I am concerned that these pillows may be a bit too big for this headboard, but I am going to keep them for a wee bit. Over time I may switch them out, but for now I am loving the linen fabric as a backdrop. The pillows were only $12.99 for a 26″ x 26″ linen cover, so that is a steal for the size! You do need to buy an insert – but being IKEA, that was only $7.99. Huzza!

Guest Room – Pillows

Overall – still some stuff to do, but the room is ready for guests – so come on over! 🙂