A Tour Through Blogland

I seriously get the biggest kick out of other blogs reaching out to me to collaborate and to feature my humble little abode. Heidi, over at Kruse’s Workshop, reached out to me a few weeks back and asked if I’d be willing to be featured in a little tour through blogland, which is a fun way for readers to mix and mingle and see all the amazing renovations happening out there on the interwebs.

This is Heidi’s sweet house. You know I’m a total sucker for a tree lined street, so her little bungalow had me at hello.

Kruses Workshop

Heidi and her husband are renovating rockstars. As soon as I read up on her wall removing ways, I knew we were kindred spirits ūüėÄ

This is a shot of her beautiful kitchen, which she renovated on a dime. Like $200. Bam.

Kruses Workshop Kitchen

Seriously, stop by her blog to see all the amazing renovations and her cozy, comfy home. It’s legitimately delicious ūüėÄ

Kruses Workshop Dining

Y’all know my house for the most part, but to continue to tour, here are a few snapshots of what our home has evolved to over the past 4+ months of us living here.

Our kitchen has definitely come the farthest. Although we’re not done in here yet, per-say, this room is so. much. better. There are cabinets, there are counters, there’s a floor! Believe it or not, that’s progress!! Ha!

GE Cafe Oven Review

In the most improved category, we’ve also got the hallway. This little entry into our abode. It was a bit – well – busy, when we moved in. ūüėČ

These days it’s been classed up a bit with some fancy pants wainscoting and a fresh coat of sparkly paint.

Revere Pewter in Entry

But enough about me and more about … Sarah!

This lady seriously has one of¬†favorite homes in the blogosphere. Many of you have already virtually met Sarah with 702 Park Project – but y’all seriously need to scope out her house if you haven’t yet.

I’m seriously crazy inspired by this women’s vision to breath new life into a gorgeous (huge!) old house, right here in NC.

702 Park Project

Best part – this house has been in Sarah’s husband’s family, and they serendipitously landed up buying it after it went into foreclosure via an owner in between. Whoa. Cool beans, yo.

Check out this banister. Yummy.

Foyer Dark Banister

They’ve been hard at work restoring this home into it’s original beautiful state and every detail is absolutely perfect.

Subway Tile Bathtub

You can follow along with Sarah’s journey, here.

Southland Avenue Nursery

A few months back I spotted Heath and Mary Keller’s blog, Southland Avenue, and absolutely fell in love! Mary Keller is guest blogging today with some sweet images from her daughter’s nursery – enjoy!

Thanks for having us Mary!¬† For those of you who we haven’t met, my sister (Heath) and I (Mary Keller)¬†blog at Southland Avenue and we’d love to share picture’s of my daughter Virginia’s nursery with you if you’re interested.¬† Virginia’s nursery is actually the master bedroom of our house.¬†¬†You can probably tell from these pictures,¬†but her room is huge, especially for an old house.¬† When we first moved in we decided we would never have enough furniture to fill the bedroom as a master bedroom, and instead decided to make it a giant nursery.¬† If Virginia becomes a big sister one day, our plan is for her to share this room with her sibling.¬† ūüôā¬†¬†We really wanted¬†her¬†nursery¬†to be colorful and full of Virginia’s art and toys as the years go by.¬† So many pieces in the room are things we already had, but I’ll share sources and tons of photos below.




The twin beds were actually my mother’s childhood beds with simple matelass√© bedspreads from Bed Bath and Beyond.¬† The splatter paint pillows are from Biscuit.¬†¬†We purchased an¬†inexpensive chest at auction¬†to use¬†between the beds¬†and the gourd lamps are¬†from a local boutique Cottage & Vine¬†in Columbia, SC.¬† The elephant and giraffe bookends are Serena and Lily (a gift from grandparents) and the art between the beds is by Michelle Armas.¬† (It’s a print.¬† Wish we could have done an original but Virginia will never know the difference!)

For her rugs we decided on two Dash and Albert rugs.¬† Her crib is an inexpensive Jenny Lind, but I loved it’s old fashioned classic look.¬† Crib splatter paint bedding by Biscuit.¬† Art above the crib is an old framed Spoleto poster, and¬†the hot air balloon mobile is from Shower Me With Love in Charlotte.

We DIYed her glider (a tutorial here!) and the pillows on the¬†glider and crib¬†by Kevin O’Brien Studio.¬† The bookcase was actually made by my grandfather for my nursery when I was a child.

I’m using an old¬†buffet as a changing table for now.¬† I found the toile flower¬†lamp at a vintage shop and the black mirror is an inexpensive piece that I painted a long time ago.¬† I would love something more fun like this, but it’s not in the budget for now.

Right now this nursery stays nice and neat (too neat!)¬†like this since Virginia doesn’t move around much, but I really look forward to the day that she has lots of room to run around in here, pull out all of her toys, invite friends (or a future sister) to have a slumber party with her, etc.¬† I’d love to add roman shades or some type of drapery to all of these windows to soften the room, but for now we’re pretty pleased with our girl’s sweet room!

Laundry Living | Guest Post

Y’all know how crazy I am about Zillow (ahem, house hunting addict) so when Jennifer approached me about putting together a guest post for you guys, I was down! This isn’t a sponsored post, I just thought it would be fun for y’all to get some tips and tricks from the masters of real estate themselves. Here she is!

The laundry room isn’t exactly a favorite space among homeowners, and it sometimes lacks the interior style reflected in other areas of the home. Perhaps the laundry room goes ignored because it’s less frequented by guests. Or, owners might be hesitant to incorporate fixtures and accessories vulnerable to spills. Luckily, practical equipment and designs exist to create efficient, fashionable laundry spaces.

To create useful and beautiful laundry rooms, consider the following five tips.

1. Add Workspace

Laundry Counter
Source: Stephen Alexander Homes

Sorting clothes, pretreating stains and folding clean laundry is difficult without proper counter space. Small laundry rooms benefit from freestanding tables and carts that easily move out of the way, while larger laundry rooms can incorporate built-in cabinets with accompanying counter space. Add freestanding countertops above front loading washer/dryer sets as a budget-friendly solution.

2. Create Storage

Laundry Storage
Source: Zillow

Most homeowners use the laundry room for more than just washing and drying clothes. Laundry rooms are home to batteries, tools and linens, depending on available square footage and storage. Designate different baskets or containers for extra towels and sheets, home improvement accessories and household products. Make sure to label each bin for easy access. Laundry rooms appear brighter and more inviting when organized, and homeowners won’t have to struggle searching for what they need.

3. Replace Machines

Energy-efficient appliances are more common in homes on the market today than in the past. For current homeowners, replacing old washers and dryers is a great way to save money on energy and water costs. For sellers, new appliances always attract potential homebuyers looking for modernized abodes. More advanced models even have steam-cleaning options and other features to best care for delicate clothing items. Stackable sets work better for small closets since they free up floor space for storage units. Front-load machines are preferable as tops provide folding and sorting spaces, and owners don’t have to move garments aside when opening or closing appliances. Plan laundry layouts based on personal routine and available square footage. For instance, stacked machines are best for tight spaces and second-story laundry rooms are ideal when most bedrooms are upstairs. Choose the best-fitting models and styles accordingly.

4. Upgrade Flooring

Laundry Floor

Source: Sue Adler Team

Laundry floors must be highly durable, water and stain resistant and easy to maintain. Further, homeowners should steer away from floors with slippery finishes, especially since laundry areas tend to get wet and accidents might occur. At the same time, opt for a stylish finish that matches the rest of the home’s décor. Vinyl is an inexpensive option for homeowners on tight budgets, and ceramic tile is known to be an extremely appropriate option for laundry spaces due to its ability to resist harsh chemicals and water damage. Sealed brick is a rustic option sure to withstand everyday damage. Although aesthetically pleasing, genuine hardwood floors are susceptible to water stains and permanent warping. Limit hardwood floors to living spaces and bedrooms without plumbing access.

5. Repaint and Decorate

Laundry Decor

Source: Zillow Digs

A fresh coat of paint can illuminate even the darkest spaces. Consider bright, clean colors for the laundry room walls, such as pastels or neutrals. Don’t be afraid to go bold with eclectic, modern or contemporary design. Hang artwork or window treatments to complete the space. Although primarily utilitarian, the laundry room is a part of the home and should be a reflection of personal taste. With a pleasant room to work in, homeowners might even be inclined to wash clothing more frequently!

We all have to do the laundry, so why not make it a more pleasant experience? Remember to do ample research before completing any large home improvement project, and talk to professionals about plumbing and electrical connections to avoid do-it-yourself damage.