New Day New Door

We all have irrational things that we shouldn’t want, but we just do, you know what I mean? I blame the internet for giving me ideas, but I’ve made an executive decision that I want to redo all of the hardware in our house on the doors – oh and redo the doors, too 😀 Silly … most likely, but ya know what – judge me all you want. 😉

See it all started with this door, which leads to our back garage area. I wanted a solid door here and we had a 15-panel glass door, like so:

You can see another angle/version of this door in our desk post from a few months back, too.

Especially after my work space was added to this nook of the house, I found myself giving that door the icy glare more and more. First I tried to be like Joanna Gains and get a door that was vintage but that back fired. Public service announcement, antique doors are not standard heights 😉

Would have been cute but no dice.

After some husband begging – I convinced him to replace this door with a new shaker style one with a streamlined black door knob.

We also added in a new rug to the space and it’s just the ticket to make the space feel more cozy. There is also a heater vent right under that chair locale, which has helped to keep me motivated and working comfortably through these colder winter days (can’t complain too much in NC, but we did have a few colder days this year!)

Not a huge update, but I love the improvement for this side of our casa. Now that we’ve done one door, I just have to convince Jay to help me with the rest! 😉

In other news – baby girl gets evicted from my womb next Tuesday so things may be a bit quieter around here for a few weeks! I’ll try to post some updates after life settles down and bit and we adjust to life with two kiddos. Send us good vibes – and bourbon and/or sleeping pills.

Laundry, These Days

So y’all saw some of our laundry room in this post – it was actually our first project here in the house where we installed some subway tile and dark grout (my first time trying a darker grout – I like it!). Here is a progress shot of that room, probably about a year ago now, right after we installed the tile.

Subway Tile Slate Floor Laundry

And if you want to go way back – here it is when we moved in. This green color was in all the rooms upstairs and y’all, it had to go 😉

Laundry Room Closet Renovation

Here’s what we’ve been rocking for 2017 so far.


The tops of the washer and dryer do act as a counter more or less, but there are gaps all over the place and I’ve been wanting to get something in there there was more finished (ie a real counter top).


One thing I really love about the laundry room / closet (?) is this hanging rack which is where we try to air dry as much clothing as possible. I swear with a child I feel like I’m constantly doing laundry and I wanted to think of small ways we could make a dent in our utility bill so we’ve been air drying most shirts and all bed sheets. I’ve found that sheets actually dry *better* on our stair railing (within 30 minutes if laid out enough) than they did in the dryer since they’d always get tangled up with other articles of clothing and come out moist after an hour + of drying – so if you haven’t tried air drying some of your laundry you should definitely do it!


Notice in the inspiration board below that there are a few elements still missing from our room? While Jay and I (mostly Jay) have been working on a counter top and y’all – spoiler. it turned out great and was insanely cheap. Details next week! (that much closer to a finish space!)

Here is my inspiration board for reference.

Laundry Room Mood Board