Welcoming Entry Way and Hall

Keeping up with my last few posts of providing an update on the abode, now that we’ve been in it 1-year, I thought I’d share small changes we’ve made to the entry of the house over time as well.

When you enter in the house, the first room you see is our hallway, and dining room to the right. I’ve been pegging for a persian runner in this space and finally found one for a song on ebay – this runner was just over $100.


Here is a better shot of it, where you can see more details.


Locally I was having trouble finding an option that had the right dimensions on it, so I’m glad I held out and ordered it online (from ebay). Plus the price was an extra incentive!

Speaking of good deals, I knew I wanted to put an art wall up on this long hall way, but I was grimacing a bit at how expensive frames can be. Day after Thanksgiving Target had these frames BYGO, so I stocked up on a bunch of 16×20, with matted 11×14 artwork. It cost around $2 per print at our local print shop to put in a few family photos and I love how it all turned out! It’s so fun to see photos of our little gracing the house a bit more now and Henry will often point up and say “Baby Henry” which is cute 😉


Back to the front when you first walk in, we popped in an antique side table and crystal lamp (craigslist, obvi) 😉 along with some artwork! The bike print is a birthday card from a few years back and the other artwork was something our local newspaper had a high res image of they were encouraging folks to print – I loved the message and though it was a good note to have first thing when you walk in our casa 🙂  Yall_Means_All_Artwork

Another fun craigslist rehab was this bench, which was already black, but had plaid seats prior. The fabric was $6 at Joann’s… Staple gun and 5 mins, done and done!


I like how our house is relatively open, but still has some nooks and crannies and hallways to design and make things feel more homey. Plus, H loves that this hall essentially creates a loop/race track/place to hide from daddy-o. Lots of giggles come down this hallway on the daily.


Although frames are not cheap – overall I have to say I really do love this hallway and I’m glad I chomped down and ate the cost to make this space feel more like home. I’ll never get tired of looking at the munchkin all swaddled up and staring back at that camera – ready to take on this world.  Black_And_White_Art_Collage



Lamp Looker

If I had to break down the numbers on the doors we use most often in this abode it would be:

Front Door: 3%
Kitchen Door: 12%
Side Door: Whatevers left percent, aka A LOT.

We’ve been working to trouble shoot that little area of ours, things like adding our armoire for storage and, well I guess that’s pretty much all we’ve done to date 😀 He he, got over ambitious there for a second thinking we were all speedy Gonzales round here.

Coat Storage At Door

Another thing we’ve been wanting to update around our entry, is our lighting situation.

Which currently looks like, this:

Lamp on Floor

See our Living Room is sans overhead light. Being that the house is circa 1939, I guess we should be pretty happy this is the only room that is missing this crucial detail.

I’ve been wanting to get our Living Room more livable, so I’m currently sleuthing around for a nice, tall, floor lamp to position right behind the chair as you walk in (since that’s the switch we reach for when you walk in the door).

Here’s my shopping list, so far!

Adesso Floor Lamp

Adesso Floor Lamp

Stella Floor Lamp

Stella Floor Lamp

Grayson Floor Lamp

Grayson Floor Lamp

Now, in my heart of hearts, I’m just dying to find something similar on my good friend the list. I mean – srrriously, who wants to drop $200 on a lamp? Not this lady.

But if there is one thing I’m realizing about pregnant Mary, it’s that she likes to knock out the list even more than non-pregnant Mary. Truth be told, didn’t know that was possible. This women wants things done, and she wants them down now. #BlessingandaCurse

For now, we’ve decided to at least move a foot in the right direction, by popping in the lamps in a new home.

Olive Green Sofa

Better, right?

My next game plan is to add in some artwork, above the sofa. Perhaps build a sofa table for behind the couch as well (eventually) and get rid of the side tables? They’re feeling a smidge too traditional for me these days.

Artwork Behind Sofa

We also added in our friend Helmut (Jay’s brain child there), who faithfully watches over our door. Good egg. Along with Bully Bull to hold onto our keys.

Artwork By Door

Most Revered Hallway

This little hallway of ours has come a long way since day one in our NC abode. Let’s travel back, shall we?

Foyer Before

Blue and white and orangey floors all over. Whew, people. Am I the only one that feels a little dizzy taking all that gloriousness in?

Good news in our neck of the woods, we no longer have pink walls. They’re officially pewter walls!

Revere Pewter in Entry

Since this is the first room you see when you enter the house, I wanted something classic and understated. After using Revere Pewter in past houses, I knew it would fit the bill.

I’m seriously smitten. I especially love how it looks against the crisp, white wainscoting!

Revere Pewter In Hallway

Now that we have a few more rooms finished around here, you can see how the entry looks from the Living Room, looking out onto Rachel’s room.

We’ve got Edgecomb Gray in the Living Room, for reference.

Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray

I can tell you one thing – painting stairwells = a serious pain in the bondonka donk. Jay had to actually get our outside ladder to edge the top, and then use a go go gadget arm movement to get in on the rest of that action.

I watched. And took pictures. And cheered him on. 😀

Painting Tall Stairwell

Now that it’s done though, I feel pretty good temporarily checking the foyer off the to-do list.

A few things still drive me bonkers – like our mismatched floors…

Provincial Floor Stain

And our vintage chic light fixtures…

Antique Hall Light Fixture

But ya know, what the hey – it doesn’t look like this and I’m going to come out and say it – that’s progress amigos.

Removing Wallpaper on Steps

Oh and a bit fat THANK YOU – for all the kind words on our exciting announcement yesterday. A nursery post or two will definitely be in the works over the next few months 🙂

Ikat and My Cat

What can I say, looks like Malcolm has impeccable taste. 🙂 Bought a little beauty of an Ikat rug over the weekend at Homegoods (where else) and the orange tabby hasn’t left it’s side since. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that spring is finally here and the door now gets left open. 😉 All in a day’s work.

The Orange Tabby

I’m not sure exactly why, but I’ve never purchased a rug pad before. Holy smoky mountains. They make a WORLD of difference. Plus, the one we found at Homegoods was all of $4 bucks. so it’s hard not to get them for the amount of difference they make with the rug not sliding around so much.

Rug Pad
Rug Pad

First thing we did was place the rug pad down to get a feel for where we wanted this new rug to go. The middle of the room seemed to make the most sense, so down she went. 🙂

Rug Pad
3×5 Rug Pad

I was a bit surprised at how much smaller the rug pad was in relation to the rug, but it seems to keep everything perfectly in place, so works for me. The other extra nice thing about having a rug pad is that it adds quite a bit of cush and comfort. This may be another factor in the orange tabby’s love fest.

Ikat Dhurrie Rug
Ikat Dhurrie Rug

I’m just loving this little pop of color in our entry. Gives the space some attitude. For reference, here is how the space was looking before. So barren  So lonely and barren.

Entry | Before
Entry | Before

And here is another close-up of the new addition. Loving it more everyday. Malcolm is too.

Dhurrie Ikat Rug
Dhurrie Ikat Rug