Tip Top Shape

You know how something can be mostly done around your house, and although that final 3% makes you want to rip your hair out, you kinda just grind your teeth every time you walk by it and say that you’ll take care of it next week? Yeah … story of my life around this house right here.

So our kitchen has been mostly done for a while. We’ve actually been waiting MONTHS for Home Depot to come by and finish a few small details – they’re actually scheduled to come by today – so fingers crossed, they will actually be done after oh, 6-months of waiting. 😉 That saga warrants another post, y’all, it’s been crazy town with those silly kids. I think because we knew they still had to come through and finish their portion, we kept on holding off on simple things we needed to do. Things like the crown and caulking and backsplash touching up. But you know what, This weekend, we grabbed that kitchen by the horns and just did it.

This is what our kitchen looked like sans crown. Almost there, but not quite.

Subway Tile Backsplash

After last weekend, we now have this!

Adding Crown in Kitchen

Boom chicka lacka lacka – BOOM. No kidding folks, this lady likes, eer loves her crown.

So after some heartfelt pleas from Jay bird, we decided to go with smaller, more manageable crown than the last joint. Added bonus, it was actually sitting in our garage from our last crown install in the house, so it was kinda a no brainer to use it up.

Before we could add the crown, we had to put in a header piece (just like the last house) so it had something to affix to.

Header for Cabinet Crown

Since we wanted to give this a second to cure, we actually cut and glued these pieces on with liquid nails the evening before.

Normally, a section of this header would be showing, but when we got started in on this little project, we realized that our ceilings are so dang not straight that we had to sorta nix the original plan.

How to Install Crown on Kitchen Cabinets The second crown install option above is what we thought we’d be doing, and in reality, we landed up having to do the first. Totally fine, not a big deal. I personally think the second one looks a bit more regal (extra height, more dimensional) but in the end, I’m just super happy to have to crown up and installed. Gotta work with what you got in old houses. 😉

We also realized during our installation process that we had forgotten to add the top row of subway tiles back in the day. Not sure what happened there, but past self was definitely not looking out for future self.

Side note – notice the spot on the ceiling where there’s a curve – that’s where our old cabinets use to end! B-b-b-onus for way more cabinet space.

Subway Tile Above Range

All and all, it was a pretty quick project. After deciding to nix the visible base piece, we just had 10 cuts or so and this baby was done.

Adding Crown to Top of Cabinets

Here’s a close up shot of the crown up above the fridge cabinet. It still needs some paint touch up on the nail holes but man, does it look better. Oh my, why or why did we wait so long to bust this sucker out?

Adding Crown to Cabinets

Have you ever added crown to the top of your cabinets? How did it go?

Seriously, Where Did September go? | Monthly Round-up

Fall has always been my favorite season, but this year the weather has just been out of the ballpark. Every day has been bursting with sunshine and in the mid-70’s. Perfection. Makes me never want to leave the mitten (ask me in January, you may get another answer) ;). Along with enjoying being outside as much as we could, we mustered up the energy to bust a few projects, too.

Let’s look at all the fun things we did on the abode in September, shall we?

Trash Talk

Simply Human Trash Can Review

After four years of a defunct trash can that could raise the dead every time the thing clanged shut, we decided to upgrade to a new Simple Human canister with both recycling and trash – what, what! Fancy pants, I’m telling ya. We found this size to be just right for the two of us and love that we don’t have to have tons of space dedicated in our wee little kitchen for our trash and recycling.

Crowning Glory 

How to Caulk Trim

Our cabinets are now properly adorned with some swanky little hats compliments of the hubby. This was our first time installing crown molding, so it took a bit of time to kind of figure out how to get things going. Overall, I think you could safely say I’m obsessed with the new additions. They make the kitchen look hella polished.

When everything was said and done, the crown was looking like this. De-licous.

Installing Crown Molding

Parking Lot on Our Lot

Football Parking Tailgate

Our new favorite Saturday activity is to park cars on our front lawn. Rather unconventional in most parts of the country, here in A2, it’s just another weekend. One of our favorite thing about parking cars for games at the Big House is the little bit of extra cash it gives us to do house projects 🙂

We’ve already put some of the dough to good use buying supplies for our built-in and attic insulation. Oh, and the hubby bought a new commuter bike that he pretty much is ready to name as his replacement wife. A wee obsessed, I’d say. 😉

French Door Surround

How to Install Trim Around Door

 After leaving this door totally unfinished for the better part of 6-months, we decided it was time to adorn this little dude with some trim. And man alive, am I glad we did. This door went from trashy to classy all in a Saturday afternoon. Check out the transformation here, if you missed it.

Basement Built-ins


We ended out the month with a nice plump cherry on top, starting the bookcase install for our basement entertainment center. Overall, this project wasn’t actually all that bad in terms of difficulty, especially since we purchased the lower unit cabinets pre-fab from Home Depot (on sale for 20% off, HUZZAHH!)

We’re still needing to pop some paint on it, add crown and finish off the area behind the TV, but overall, we DIG it. Now my hubby keeps egging me on for a new TV. Men, I tell you.