Country Living

I’m all about fresh air and rolling hills, nature, ahhh – isn’t it wonderful. That being said, I think if I had to pick a camp to describe which way I lean – I’m ya know, more of a city girl. It’s not that I don’t like being out in the countryside – I love it – I just don’t find myself out that way much since we’re usually hanging out on our own turf (don’t we all live in our little boxes a wee too much?). So when I saw a cool little flyer in our local paper for an opportunity to scoot our booties out to the land of endless sun and check out how the other half is making it happen – I jumped!

Piedmont Farm Tour

And by other half, I mean the most amazing group of hard working human beings – seriously – these people are something else. Jay and I are really trying to get more of our food from the local farmers around us (vs. the super market, where it’s carted in from half a world away), so we thought this little farm tour was a pretty awesome way to get to know the faces of the people that are behind all the magic. We’ve signed up for a CSA this spring, and the tour offered us a chance at seeing where our food was actually coming from – is there anything cooler than that?

Red Barn Photograph

In addition to being able to see the actual farm where our fruits and veggies will be coming from – the tour included like 30 other farms in the Piedmont region. From pigs to potatoes, there were farms along the tour that had it all.

Our first stop advertised puppies – I have to say I was disappointed that I exited and re-entered my vehicle without petting any pups – isn’t that sad. That being said, there were lots of other baby animals 😀

And kitties, lot of kitties.

This guy – umm – yeah. He’s definitely my fav. I think he wants a carrot. Or maybe some lettuce. He wants something.

Farm Tours North Carolina

All the cows made me think of my dear mumzie (Wisconsin born and raised). We only saw beef cattle on our little tour of the farm side, but I’m sure there are dairy cattle somewhere in this fine state. Side note – ummmm – milk is WAY more expensive here in NC – like twice as much! I don’t miss that whippersnapping, backbreaking cold, but by George, I miss my $2 milk. $4 whhaaaa??

Free Range Cattle Farm

In addition to seeing all the fine farm animals at our tour, we also had an opportunity to see some veggies in their prime. Seriously, I would just die of happiness if I had a veggie garden with this level of straightness in it’s rows. Scrumptious.

Farm Tour North Carolina

In addition to being able to see some of the plants that were further along on their growing journey to get in my belly, we also saw some seedlings just getting started.

Organic Vegetable Farms

The third farm we visited definitely took the cake though. First, it had herding dogs. I mean, that’s pretty rock solid awesome. But right as we were rounding the final corner to leave the farm (or so we thought), we stumbled across a big old field full to the brim with chickens!! I mean, like thousands of chickens just bagalking all over the place.

Free Range Chicken Farms

A fun thing about this farm tour set up, is that in addition to being able to be up close and personal with the animals, we were also able to purchase eggs, meat and veggies as we toured each location. This stop had cartons of eggs for purchase. You could either go collect them yourself (where the chickens were laying them) or you could be lazy and pick a dozen from this big old barrel of them.

Free Range Chicken Eggs

Doesn’t that shot just look like a slice of americana? I love it 😀

North Carolina Free Range Chickens

There were also chickens chilling with some big fat pigs along the back stretch. Funny little buggers. Man, pigs are stinky animals, are they not?

North Carolina Pig Farm

Overall, it was super fun to go on this tour. It’s more or less a fundraiser for the farms in the Piedmont area, so it was nice to support something (albeit in a small way) that we really believe in. Jay and I are pretty excited that we signed up for our very first CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) this year (an egg and cheese one, actually) so I’ll definitely have to report back for all of you guys on that as well! Anyone else out there do the CSA thing, I’d be curious to hear different perspectives on it!