Desk Duty

So babies – they kinda take over and claim their own spaces in this world. Which is ultimately a good thing, but in the mean time, we’re pretty busy over here shifting our office from workspace, to baby space. Mostly this is fun and games (and a few too many trips to Home Depot – $$$) but it also meant pulling out our (insert JAY’s) bob the builder skills to whip up a desk of his pregnant wife’s dreams.

This is our office currently. I don’t feel *too* sad about transitioning this space over because it’s like not done in the least and basically a glorified storage room.


And the floor is NEVER empty like that, haha. Usually has costumes or books or a teepee splayed out in the middle of it 😉 This was Saturday am right after our weekend round up of vacuuming. It’s a fleeting moment, so I had to capture it.

And this is the desk area.


And this is what I dreamed up for this room and I told y’all that it was still going down just in a new locale. (Because this is going in it’s place…)


Drum roll pa-lease. The new locale!


Not quite an office, persay, but y’all, I think it’s going to be the perfect little nook for a desk / workspace and a landing spot for our computer. This is ultimately what I envision – something built out entirely around the window, with some bookcases on either end to store odds and ends, and to make a statement as well.

Built In Desk Design

Here is a general idea of the look/feel I’m going for! Perhaps a base color similar to this?

Build In Desk Ideas


And I love how this photo shows a very similar bookcase flanking either side of the wall.

Built In Desk


I’ll have progress on our build-out next week, perhaps even some after photos. I may have to buy Jay a 12-pack of beer or some bourbon to get a finished desk done around here 😉

White and Bright Cabinet Overhaul

Although it took longer than initially anticipated and we still don’t have a lick of hardware on this beast – I would like to announce that the downstairs built-in office area is officially revamped. White and bright = so much better than dark black. I just look over at this side of the basement and smile 🙂

I’ve been hedging a bit on the hardware, and may mix it up to this one. Of course it’s even MORE expensive than the initial one I had in mind, but I really would like to get the right fit and just purchase the hardware one time, vs. hedging and totally getting the wrong fit for the basement. At $4.50 each, they’re not cheap, but they are certainty not crazy expensive either.

Antique Brass Hardware, Cup Pull
Antique Brass Cup Pull

Here is how the basement cabinets are looking after a coat of Benjamin Moore Simply White paint.

White Built-in Desk
White Built-in Desk

And here is the before, for your reference. The cord situation, definitely an improvement! 😉

Basement Before

Here is a close-up of the cabinet doors. Overall, I’m extremely happy with how the paint has hardened up, and there have been absolutely no nicks from use. We used Behr Premium Plus paint, which was color matched to Benjamin Moore Simply White. I think it helps that these cabinets are not used as much as a kitchen cabinet would be. It gave them more time to cure, and they are holding up awesome!

White painted built-in Desk
Painted Cabinet Closeup

A corner shot. We need to cover that location where a min-fridge used to be with some linen fabric soon. A future project for me to work on 🙂

White Built-in Desk
Corner of Builtin

Here is how the desk area is looking after concealing the cords, and adding some accessories. Feels much better!

Computer Storage Area, Built-in Desk
Computer Storage Area