A Touch of Color

Whew! Sans our upstairs bath, we’ve now painted every. single. room. in this house. If this baby wasn’t cramping my bubbly consumption, I’d toast to that.

This house is so far from done I could snort laugh, but having the rooms painted, I must confess, makes it feel that much more livable. No more wallpaper, no more yucky gross walls that hadn’t been painted in decades. It was time, time to bring this house into the 21st century.

It took me a quick second to hunt all the room colors down, but I finally did. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, our house colors!

Top Paint Picks

If you’re looking for bright pinks and sea green blue, you’ll have to jump over to a neighbor’s shack, since I’ve gotta say, when it comes to wall colors, I like to keep the palette nice and simple. Accessories, people. That’s where I add the spicey nicey. But that big old backdrop, I like to keep that simple. 🙂

Here’s how each of the colors look live and in color in our joint.

In our hallway, we went with Revere Pewter. I’m a fan, man.

Revere Pewter in Foyer

In our bedroom, and living room we used one of my tried and true staples. Edgecomb Gray.


For our future little mister, we went with ballet white from Benjamin Moore. (see his new room in our current house, here)


This reads a bit more blue in person than the swatch. I actually wanted the gray tone, so this room might get a quick paint down the line! 😉

Montpeilier Madison White

And in our Guest Room, we’re rocking it out with some green walls. So nice, so green, so clean.

Lyndhurst Celadon Green

We’ve been switching up the colors a bit in our new house – like this deep dark navy color in the babe’s room. Always fun to try something different!


Feeling Edgy

Picking paint colors is such a fun part of the home renovation process – after floor refinishing and wall removal, this step definitely feels like progress. That being said, the fun factor is starting to wain a bit. I think I’ve tried over 10 samples at this point, and I’m having a hard time finding one that I like for our spaces. See what I mean? (this is just the dining room options…)

Best Greige Paint Colors

Yeah – lots of samples. Now, I have a general idea of the look and feel that I’m going for in each space, but testing the colors in the house has proven to me that I really have to buy the sample paint color, since the swatches have been looking so darn different once I get them up on the wall. Too purple, too gray, too meh.

Although I knew that I wanted the dining room/kitchen to be a bit darker this time, to balance out the white, bright cabinets, I also knew that I wanted something soft and neutral in our living space. Since this room is one of the first things you see when you walk in 2 out of 3 doors in the house, I thought a calming palette would be the perfect touch. As in the past, I also knew that my all time favorite color for that type of room, is tried and true Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray.

This color is the best. It never reads too yellow and it never reads too gray. Perfection. Here it is against the fireplace we were edging in.

Edgecomb Gray

As soon as we started edging in with the color, I knew it was going to be night and day better once it was up.

Since I was struggling so much with picking a paint color for the kitchen/dining space – I also thought that it would be super helpful to have at least one color signed sealed and delivered, so that I could make sure that the adjacent rooms would play nicely together.

Jay rolled, I edged.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Even after one coat, I could tell that this was going to turn out beautiful.

Edgecomb Gray Paint

I had a few moments of concern early on, where it looked kinda purple in contrast to the yellowish white that was up there before. Like in this shot, you can see a bit of the cooler tones coming out.

Edgecomb Gray

After 2 houses and 3+ years of painting, I also decided to splurge and buy myself a new edging paint brush. I love it. It’s got a little flexible handle and it’s so easy to use (small). For the most part, this paint brush is so great that it allows me to edge without taping anything off, which is a ginormous time saver. For the few spots I did drip, I came back through with a rag to touch it up as I went along.

Best Paint Brush for Edging

Look how peachy keen everything came out when we were all done!

Edgecomb Gray in Living Room

Another shot, so you can see how it looks up against the newly finished wood floors.

Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

It feels amazingly good to have one room quasi done now, and I’m definitely ready to move some furniture back in. We decided that we’d like to replace our crown with some chunkier stuff right away as well, so we didn’t even bother edging out the top. All and all, this project only took us 2-hours, and now instead of this.

Yellow Paint in Living Room

We have this!

Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

Now tell me – do you guys have some favorite paint colors you can share? Help a girl out! 🙂