Deal of the Day

I get tons of emails from readers on the roman shades we purchased for our Living Room and Bedroom, and I wanted to let y’all know that they’re on super sale today if you’re looking to stock up for your own abode!

Ending today – you can use code 4FAMILY to get an extra 25% off (woot!!). Every so often JCPenney runs this special, and I’ve been holding off on purchasing matching shades for our Dining Room and Kitchen until I could snag a deal again.

Best Affordable Roman Shades

Dover Cordless Roman // Bamboo Woven Roman // Custom Textured Roman Shade // Burnout Bamboo Cordless

This deal is only good through the end of the day (10/27) so be sure to stock up while the getting is good! 😀

Balking at my Caulk

First – I wanted to give y’all a sneak peak on a project we’ve been busting out in the attic. It’s not quite done yet, but feast your eyeballs on some swanky board and batten action going down on our 3rd floor. I’ll have all the deets on this little DIY on Monday! Spicy.

DIY Board and Batten

While we were cracking away on the attic one day, I came down into our kitchen and noticed we had quite the hairy situation on our hands. Almost all of our kitchen caulk was getting a crack in it the size of the Grand Canyon itself. Not very classy looking. Not classy at all. So in between all our demoing, rebuilding and sanding, we decided to take 15 minutes to right our caulk wrongs. Yeppers – if ya got a quarter hour, your caulk woes can be gone with the wind along with mine.

How to Caulk Counters

First plan of attack was to remove the old stuff, which pained me just a bit, since it felt kinda like a whomp, whomp moment to remove everything since some if it was still salvageable in my mind. Luckily, we only have a few linear feet of counter space, so that sped things up a bit.

To get all of the old caulk out, we just used a small razor blade to dig into the area between the tile and the counter. I found this part kind of fun, actually. Like digging something out from under your finger nails, does that appeal to anyone else, or is it just me 😀

Removing Old Caulk

After less than 5-minutes of digging for treasure, we had a bit of debris and a lot of progress. See – look how fun it was!

How to Remove Old Caulk

Our final step before re-caulking was to come back through with some rubbing alcohol, which helped to get any small bits out from the crack under the tile. We just took a rag and tried to get into the area as much as we could by using our finger to guide the rag into the opening as much as possible.

How to Replace Cracked Caulk

After we came through and cleaned everything up, we were left with a big old hole the size of tim-buck-two. Not to worry, the hubby was close behind with a tube of caulk and his pro skillz. We had the place looking like new in no time.

How to Caulk Backsplash

This is how things were looking after. My love for caulk never ends.

How to Caulk Tile Backsplash

In other kitchen sprucing news, we decided to buy some lovely bamboo shades to offer some contrast to our sea of white counters and cabinets. They set us back twenty beans each at Home Depot, and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m pretty smitten.

Bamboo Blinds in Kitchen

My favorite thing about these blinds (other than the nice pop o’ contrast) is that they block to excessive amounts of snow right outside my window. Excessive, of course, being any amount of snow. #MovingtoFlorida

Here is a shot of the new goods a bit further out. I dig-a-lig it.

Best Bamboo Blinds

Tell me, anyone else noticing their caulk cracking like cray cray now that winters here and the heaters are blowing full force?