La Grande House Tour

Since the house is looking mighty different these days, post kitchen reno and post floor refinishing, I thought it was high time to give y’all an update of the house and a new lay of the land.

The main floor has definitely seen the most change since we moved in almost a year ago, in October 2012. Notably, we refinished the floors and gutted the kitchen, along with the bathroom reno and lots of other fun things. On this level, I don’t think we will have any huge changes going forward other than some additional decorating and sprucing. Biggest change of them all, no wall between the dining room and living room. Use your imagination to magically remove that from the floor plan below 😉

First Floor Layout


Got to leave a good first impression, right 😉 The foyer had baby blue walls and a mural on the ceiling when we moved in. We painted over the mural like the first week. I actually feel moderately bad about that, since I think it was a pride a joy type of thing for the previous owner, but Lordy, there was just no way I was going to keep it around. Different strokes for different folks.

  Entry Before and After

These days, we’ve got our dark walnut floors greeting you and some fun artwork on the wall. I think it would be awesome to find a gorgeous vintage rug for this space, but since I’m a cheapo, that’ll have to wait until the stars align and I find one for a steal of a deal. For now, the entry is looking like this.

Minwax Dark Walnut

Living Room

Other than painting and refinishing the floors, the room has not seen a ton of dramatic changes. The previous owner had kind of an odd furniture configuration, so that was a quick fix! 😉 Here is the before:

Living Room Before and After

And here it is now! One thing I’ve learned about myself decorating this house is that I LOVE big rugs. I feel a song coming on … I like big rugs and I cannot lie, you other home DIY decorators can’t deny, that a big rug just fills up that space and makes you want to cel-e-brate. Ok – had to … 😉 Here it is now, with the BIG Pottery Barn Owen Jute rug.

Large Jute Rug in Living Room

Downstairs Bath 

Our first true full renovation in this house was the downstairs bathroom. Here is how this bathroom looked before we moved in. Kinda like the water closet for kermit, ode to green. More than anything, this bathroom lacked any storage space. No vanity, no spot to put your toothbrush, just a little rinky dink shelf that led to lots of clutter up in here.

Bathroom Before and After Now we’ve got ample storage, mainly due to the built-in we decided to install between the studs in the tub surround. It’s turned out to be the perfect location to store all of our toiletry goodies, we even had some extra room for some bathroom beautification. Holla.

Traditional Marble Bathroom

Master Bedroom

 This one has come a long way since the days of our oreo cookie walls. Very chic, very not our style. We decided to go with something a bit more understated in this space.

Master Bedroom Before and After

Here is a recent snapshot of how the bedroom is looking these days. We painted, refinished the floors, bought these curtains and did some general sprucing.

Emmie Spets Sheets IKEA

Dining Room 

Wall, schmall – who needs it. Not us! It’s gone off to wall heaven while we enjoy our nice open and airy dining/kitchen space. Here is how the dining room looked the day we moved in, with the kitchen over to the left.

Dining Room Before and After

W’ere pretty ga ga over the new space. Every few days we look at each other and say – I can’t believe we almost didn’t take out the wall. I can’t even conjure up an image of what the renovated space would have looked like without the wall removal and I’m pretty glad we go the random charge of energy and guts to just go for it. It wasn’t easy, it was mega dirty and at times made us want to go in a corner in cry, but ya know what, it was so worth it.

Refinished Antique Table


Oh the kitchen. The land of faux finishes and wall murals. After 8-months of owning the house, we knew big changes had to happen in this space to make it the kitchen of our dreams. This is what the space looked in the beginning.

Kitchen Before and After

A wall removal and a total gut job later, the abode is looking like this. You could say I’m in love. We still need to add a few deets before the space is totally done (crown, etc), but we are on our way.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets