Bringing Back the Bath

Our basement bath has been long neglected. Other fish to fry, my friends. After we slapped some paint down in there and put in a few new tiles, we figured, good enough for now and moved on over to the next thing. #Storyofmylife

But every time I took a shower down there and glanced on up above the toilet, I had a shiver run down my spine cause it was uuugggllllyyyyy. Don’t believe me, here you go.

Art in Bathroom

I don’t know why, but when I was at HomeGoods one day I stumbled across this gold razzle mcdazzle frame and thought (thought) it would look super swag in our downstairs bath. Ummmrrr yeah. But once I got it down there, I was like, yeah WRONG. You win some, you lose some.

See, when I started putting together design boards for one of my lovely clients, I got to thinking that I really, really liked some of the art I had picked out for her living room. So much so, that I decided to bite the bullet and buy those amazing little prints for my own abode! πŸ˜€ Dangerous career path I’ve got, ey?

Remember this mood board?

Lemon Grove Interiors

Well those purty little constellation prints, they made their way right on into my heart, and subsequently, right into my bathroom πŸ˜€ Cause once something enters my heart … I just can’t shut that door as hard as I try πŸ˜‰

So I contacted the shop owner and ordered a few 8×10 prints stat! And let me tell you – I’m so, so glad I did. EEEMMMERRRGAUUUDD. Gorgeousness.

DIY Constellation Art

Check out this close ups, so fa-reaking beautiful.

Constellation Print

I was all ready to hang them to replace my bad decision making (aka Mr. GOLD) but first, I had some problem solving to do in the frame department. See I had intended to use some IKEA frames I’d purchased earlier this year. These guys, to be exact.

IKEA Stromby Frame

But when I trounced down to the basement to retrieve these bad boys, I was pretty darn bummed to see that they didn’t fit. At all.

Whomp diggity whomp.

Etsy Constellation Art

Now I could just pop a matted border in there to solve my dilemma, but the mattes that I had laying around the house didn’t fit, and I also wasn’t crazy sauce about the color of the frame. So, I did what any sane person would do. I went go HomeGoods and found these beauties.

Reclaimed Wood Frames

And just look how much better the bathroom looks now. I’m smitten.

Artwork Above Toilet

Added bonus – when I ordered my new fa-vo-rite prints, guess what I got in the package as a little “thank you”? This guy! The cutest little 5×7 you ever did see.

Inexpensive Constellation Art

I don’t have a spot for it quite yet, but I did have a pretty nice frame that I decided to pop it into in the interim. MEEOOOOWWW. Now that’s some fine looking star charting if you ask me.

Recycled Wood Frame

Psst!! If you’re looking to order these lovely lookers, you can get them here!

Bathroom Beautification

Sometimes I get all gang busters on a room, and I forget to swing back through for some of the finishing details. Guess I’m a bit big picture that way. Plus, I Β like being efficient, which often (in my head) means moving on over to the next space. Take the the downstairs bathroom for instance. Last winter, we had lots of fun turning it from this:

How to remove bathroom tile

To this:

Herringbone Subway Tile

Side view:

Traditional Marble Bathroom

But now that we’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting in our house, I’m starting to come back through areas that were feeling a bit incomplete.

Like this area of the bathroom. A wee sparse, ya think.

Art Work in Small Bathroom

And the best part? I’ve actually had this artwork right under my nose the whole stinkin’ time. Geesh.

One night I was shuffling through one of our junk drawers and I came across two dainty little botanical prints. I was all, shiver me timbers, where are these from matey? (I’m writing this post on Halloween – a pirate just came to the door – what can I say). πŸ˜€

Antique Botanical Prints

And then it hit me, ah YES. These are remnants from our art collage in the dining room. We made an executive decision at the time that our collage was going to look too rectangular with (8) prints across, so we decided to keep things simple and only put (6) up. Past Mary looking out for Future Mary – I love when that happens.


We also had grabbed a few frames on a prior run to HomeGoods so we were all systems go in that department as well. Sa-wweeettt!.

Gold Frames in Bathroom

Since I’m a HomeGoods addict (seriously, I think I need a support group) I also decided to pick up this purty little number to add to our basket stash. At $4.99, I couldn’t pass it up.

Ah, yes, well on our way to a pretty potty.

Β  Small Natural Fiber Basket

Here is a shot of the art work (and basket) in action. Smokin’!

Botanical Art Work in Bathroom

Our loo is becoming quite the looker post the art addition πŸ˜€ In case you needed some persuading …

Seriously – not sure what took us so long! Especially since these prints have just been chillaxin’ in a basement drawer.

Adding Art to Small Bathroom

Speaking of adding art to our abode, we’ve got another great giveaway lined up for Wednesday! Swing back for a chance to win an awesome print from uplift prints! Feast your eyes, America, on some of the loot you can snag below!

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