Dining Room Double Take

Designing just the right space, it’s an iterative process, ya know. Although I lovey dove our dining room table (that we refinished after snagging this beaut on the (craig)list) the more I thought about it, the more the circular dining table made the space feel a little less formal and a little more breakfast nookie to me. Now I’m as big of a fan of a breakfast nook as the next guy, but since we don’t have any other dining space in the house, I kind of wanted our dining room to feel a bit more formal than the look we had going on.

Since we really like our dining chairs, and they were a steal of a deal at $139 for 2, we decided to get two more so we’d be set when and if we decided to expand our dining space to accommodate more people. So, being the little problem solver (maker) that I am, I schleped those babies right on up into the dining room, just to see how it would look with two more chairs capping off the end. And by George, I liked it. It looked official. Like a legit dining room.

Dining Room Set for Two

Only trouble was that with the current table, people’d be losing their meatloaf off the side, cause there just wasn’t any table to put their plate on. Not good.

Current round table wouldn’t work – so I moved on to plan two. First, I did a quick scan of the internet and found a few contenders. But our space is small, and most American spaces are BIG, so most America furniture is BIG, too. Take this table, for instance that I found at Art Van. It was sleek, it looked small, but it was 60″ wide. When your entire dining space is 96″ wide, that is taking up a solid chunk of the real estate. When you’ve got chairs that bump out for people to get in and out of them, that makes things even tighter. Oye.

Art Van Woodmont Table

So then I started thinking we could make a table. Perhaps something that more or less met our current dimensions, but had a different shape to it where I might be able to fit all (6) chairs. I mean, 4 legs and a chunk of wood on top. Easy enough, right? I got even more hopeful when I started looking at Home Depot to get some prelim pricing info. Legs were like ten bucks, and the top was around $40. Building a custom table seemed more and more like a winning idea. Although I liked the table legs at the box stores, they weren’t calling me name. They were kind of skinny, and I was looking for some hunka hunka burning legs. So I went back to my little chrome book and started searching. And found the perfect furniture table legs. But they were $100 each. Wha wha whaat? That ain’t happening.

Being the craigslist addict I am, I started to look around for table that would catch my heart. Now it’s a rare day when you go onto craigslist and actually find the exact item you’re looking for. I mean, the exact, item you are looking for. Can I get an amen fellow craigslist addicts? Well this day, I’m pretty sure that Craig himself pulled out the stops for me. Here I was, browsing the ads on a Sunday Night when I came across this guy. 45″ square. Why yes, I think I can work with that. Same dimensions as our current guy, but with a bit more room for the guests to spread out. So I promptly bought it for $125. Bam!!

Antique Dining Room Table

See those beautiful legs. Man, they just don’t make them like that anymore. Seriously – not for $125, that is fo shizzle. The legs I wanted that were half as chunkalicious were going to set me back $125 – a piece – on the online furniture store.¬†Alright – anyone want to call me out – go ahead and count the chairs… Yes, there are still only four. After bringing the beast (it was seriously, the heaviest piece of furniture I’ve ever lifted) home, we figured out it would only fit four chairs, just like the last one. Jiminy cricket. But I digging this new dude of a table, so we’re keeping it.

Notice anything else different? Since we had to cart ourselves out to Canton to get the table, we decided to swing by our local IKEA to pick up the Egeby Rug. Love. It.

Sisal Egeby Rug

Tricky thing about our space (we quickly learned), was that an 5′ x 8′ was actually going to be too large for our space. You heard me right, an 8 foot rug would have practically have been hitting the side of the cabinet face. I wanted a rug that pretty much covered the entire dining room space, since I wanted to distinguish the space as it’s own little area but hitting the cabinets was a wee bit too large. Since the rooms are open and joined to each other, I felt like a rug was a good solution to kind of give the dining space it’s own identity. The IKEA rug was 7’7″ x 5’5″ , so it was literally perfect for the space. A bit wider to accommodate chairs pulling out, but less length to keep it from hitting right up against the kitchen cabinets. Plus, it was only $99 (!) Yippie skippie.

Sisal Rug in Dining Room

Here is a shot of the new space from the Living Room, onto the screened in porch. Lots of natural light that pours in each morning.

Brookline Tufted Chair

The game plan is to pop the old table on craigslist and see if we get any takers. Giving that we paid $90 for it, and refinished it into some prime time glory, I’m pretty sure well be able to come out ahead on this whole table switcharoo. Sa-weet.

For reference, here are some before shots (a la, when we moved in) to help you track the progress in this space.

Dining Room Before and After

And here is a shot of how the room looked before the rug, and the new, square table.

Refinished Antique Table