Getting Vain

If you came to our little abode to visit me right now, you’d find me sitting in front of a clock and staring down the days, minutes and hours until our plumber arrives. This lady is ready to bust a move and get some b-room action a-happening. In the spirit of getting this boat out of the harbor, I’ve started some serious vanity shopping. Actually, some serious everything shopping. Our rough-ins are getting installed on January 6th, so our main game objective is to have all of the fixtures purchased before hand so that we can get right to the installation after the plumbing work is done.

Just thinking about how close we are to actually installing the finishing touches upstairs makes me want to do this.

Crazy Dance

For the vanity, in many ways I’d love a nice deep gray or charcoal. Yum. But in all honesty, the most affordable options I’m finding have almost all been white. Le sigh.

See I really, really want the top to be marble. If I can’t have it in my kitchen, then by George, I want that beautiful stuff adorning the walls of our bathroom. The thing about a marble top vanity, is that 1) they are a bit harder to find than your average run of the mill variety and 2) turns out, they’re also more expensive. Go figure.

Right now, my top vanity contenders look like this.

Marble Top Bathroom Vanities

Hard to decide when there are so many delicious options. A few things helping me my choices down is that big fat bottom dollar.

  1. Hamilton Vanity: $593 (granite top)
  2. Amelia Vanity: $850
  3. Hampton Bay Vanity: $519
  4. Smithfield Medium Gray Vanity: $750

Of these options, I’m liking #3 the best right now, since the final price is a bit more manageable. Although I LOVED the last one, is just north of $1k, for a fa-reaking vanity. Ya hear me, fine brothers and sisters?

In the name of getting things all ready for our very exciting installation (Yes, I’m still dancing like crazy man above every time I even think about thinking about it), we decided to put on our big kid pants and commit already and buy it. To save some mollah, we went with option #3. Done.

Now onto toilets. 😀 Ready for some fine looking porcelain potty’s? Annnd GO.

Dual Flush Toilets Once we started our search for the almighty throne, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually overestimated the cost we’d be looking at for the new addition. Which is good, cause I underestimated the cost of this whole shabang in general, so I’ll take any extra casho I can get.

  1. Glacier Bay Dual Flush: $158
  2. American Standard Dual Flush: $199
  3. Glacier Bay High-Efficiency Dual Flush: $98
  4. Kohler Memoirs: $349

Initially, I had budgeted $300 for the toilet, so  we were pretty happy to find the majority of our options comfortably fell within that. We immediately ruled out the cheapest option (Choice #3, it just looked chincey), and moved on to some of the other dual flush johns. Just sounds swanky, doesn’t it?

We landed up jumping for options #1 on the list. It seems to be a good mix of function, price, and looks.

So right out of the gate, we were able to decide on the two most important fixtures that we’ll need to get this bathroom up and running. Bam. That feels good. Now onto some of the trickier parts.

Slanted Ceiling Bathroom Mirror

This is the wall that the vanity will be going on. See that slant action happening? Yeah, that makes mirror and light shopping a wee trickier. A light above is definitely out, since that would be way too tight. Right now, we are thinking we might be able to squeeze in two side mounted lights flanking a mirror, but we’re going to have to get creative.

When we were out and about at HomeGoods this weekend, I snapped some pictures of a few possible contenders. Like this one.

Gold Sunburst Mirror

And this one.

Gold Round Mirror

I thought I should give y’all a nice smile, since I’m chilling in the picture, too 😀

Although I lurrrve the first one (hello sunshine!) I’m concerned that 1) the mirror part is a little rinky dink and 2) that the sunburst part may interfere with our side mounted sconces. Tricky thing with HomeGoods, if ya don’t snag those goodies, next time you walk in you risk the last Joe Schmo snagging your treasures away. So, in the name of playing it safe, I may just cart my bootie back there and snag the sunburst options and return it if it lands up not working. 😀

So, now that we’ve got au toilet and the vanity ordered, our bathroom is at least (starting) to take shape! Once they are installed, the layout of the room will be like this. Cozy, but I think it will work!

Adding Bathroom to Attic

Want to see more bathroom renovations? Here’s how our newest bath turned out!



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Sir Mix a Lot

Ok. We’ve done a complete 180. So goes the life of a DIY home renovation blogger. We’ve flipped and we’ve flopped and we’ve finally landed. You know how I said we were doing a half-bath, THEN said a full-bath. Well guess what, America. We’ve landed flat back on our bellies and we’re staying with the initial game plan by popping in a smaller bathroom.

If you’re all like – wait – but didn’t you already frame out a full bath and tell us all about how you’d be doing a full fledged big ol’ b-room up in the attic, then you’d be right. Here it is, to refresh your memory. Framed and all.

How To Install a Pocket Door

So before you get your pants all in a bunch about it, let me give you the play-by-play of where we are at today. Turns out a full bath has a full price and the dollars and cents just were not going to fly for what we were hoping to get out of it. Aka – return on investment. Not really there. Since we are pretty young (26) and know that we won’t be in the house until we retire or anything (I mean, we’d be lucky if we last 5 years…), ROI is pretty darn spankin’ important.

For starters, just to get the rough-in’s done, we’d be looking at a $2,000 bump UP in pricing i.e. not including the fixture installs. When it was all said and done, it was going to be almost $4,000 extra (EXTRA!!) to pop in a shower, with us doing like 99% of the work. Um – that is a lot of money, right?! We just couldn’t justify the cost and knowing we won’t be in the house forever and a day – the full shower just wasn’t enough make or break it for us.

Cost of Adding New Bathroom

The other thing that swayed us away from the full bath option was the resale value we’d be able to capture on our house. I’m sure the full-bath would have been a BIG selling point, but I also think some of these improvements might start to price us out of our neighborhood just a bit. Most homes have a bath, or a bath and a half on our block, so adding a full third one just felt a bit out of the stratosphere.

Taking the wall down actually felt kind of liberating, and it definitely felt like the right decision as we moved forward. Look how much more open that side of the room feels, now!

Framing Bathroom in Attic

Another advantage of the half bath option is that we now have an extra window adding lots of sun rays into our bedroom, making everything even more bright upstairs. The new bathroom option will be 5×4, with a sloped ceiling along the back wall. Although it will be cozy, we are very excited about the function it will add to the space!

We had an intsy teensy bath in our last home, but found it was so very nice to have a place to get ready for bed, right next to our bed. Now our new bathroom will be like four times the size of the one below, but you can see that you really don’t need much space to plop down a sink and au toilet.

Small Bathroom Design

Since we are working with a smaller space now, we’re excited about making it a bit more of a statement room. I’m loving this look right now, and thinking about integrating a darker wall color with some wainscoting or subway tile.

Small Black Bathroom

I’m also obsessed with the look of grasscloth wallpaper in a bathroom.

Grasscloth Wallpaper in Bathroom

You smell that? This bathroom is Reek-o-chico. Chicest thing I ever did see. On second thought … perhaps I shouldn’t ask you if you smell something while showing a photo of a bathroom. No scratch and sniff technologies here 😀

As far as materials go, I’m leaning toward a neutral base pallet, which should leave lots of room for getting spicy with fun wall paper or paint. Since the room is so small though, I didn’t want the nuts and bolts of the space to be competing with each other for eyeballs. Look at me. NO, me!!

Bathroom Inspiration Board

The look above is pretty close to what you’ll be seeing come install day. Our plumber will be here on the 6th of January – and we will be right behind ready to install some fixtures. YEEEEHHHHHAAAAHHH buddy!! Whoppdie whoo loopie looo babbadaa booooo ryhmes with poo, which I can do, in my boo(tiful) bathroom soo(n). 😀 Ha! I’m loling over here, y’all.

I. Can’t. Wait!!


All, Or Nothing, or Half

So … confession. Remember when I told you all about our attic insulating bonanza and how great it was and how warm we’d be and how cheap it was. The thing I left out in this insulation love fest was that this hairy beast took WAY longer than either of us ever anticipated. Every. single. night. has been dedicated to this attic for the past 2-weeks. It’s been a dragola. Mainly because insulation is boring and it’s not fun to spend 2,000 years on a project that makes babies cry. From boredom.

To deal with my inner pain of having to wait it out to move on to any of the fun stuff, I’ve decided to dream away my days and try to hammer out what the upstairs bathroom will look like. Can’t help it, I’m a big picture type of girl. Once we finish this insulation (please Lord, let us finish) we’ll be lobbing off a chunk of the room to dedicated space for our fancy flusher water closet. A holy grail for our porcelain potty if you will, a la this photo.

Converting Attic to Master Suite

Dimensions wise, this photo is a pretty accurate depiction of the floor space that will be used-up to pop in this new bath of ours. Right now, the room’s dimensions are around 17′ x 11′, not including the long hall adjacent to the stairs where our closets will be. Now, for comparison, our current bedroom is 9′ x 11′, so we pretty much feel like we are moving into the Taj Mahal. Shwanky.

After we chunk off a piece for the bath, we will be looking at a room that’s 12′ x 11′, which in old house talk, means giant. We’ve got a few options for what the bath will look like, too.

Bathroom Options

Option #1 gives us a walk-in shower, similar to this bathroom. Walk-in shower and my house are never two words I thought I’d hear mashed together. It gives me the jitters. The good kind.

Option #2, gives us a double vanity. That’s two sinks, in one bathroom. That’s crazy talk. Crazy delicious talk. Omitting the plumbing for a shower is also kind of appealing.

If we go small, Option #3, we’d also have room for a wee little sitting nook over looking the neighborhood. So quaint and cozy. I can just see myself curled up with a book now.

So much to ponder, my heads a spinning. To help me visualize some of our lovely options, I took to my dear friend photoshop and started a workin’.

Marble Bathroom Mood Board

I’m a sucker for marble, that’s fo shizzle. A marble mosaic floor and some grass cloth wall paper. Yes sirree Bob. Sign me up brotha!! As you can see, I opted for the double vanity in this first rendition. I think I would just stand there and high five Jay while I brushed my teeth. The whole time.

Since you bump into yourself in our current teeth brushing space, having 11 FEET to crank our elbows around would be like the best thing ever.

Marble Bathroom Mood Board

Since I’m a hard core fan of a gray vanity (like our downstairs bath) I thought I’d switch up the first little photo op with a gray option. Yummmy. Maybe some darker details with a black or ORB frame. You picking up what I’m putting down?

If we went the small, cozy route, I think that I’d do a white plank wall to add some rustic character to the space. Perhaps something like this.

White Plank Bathroom

It’s fun to try out different options and see which one strikes my fancy the most. After lots of chatting with the hubster, I think we are leaning toward the double sink option since it will give us lots of elbow room, while having pretty straight forward plumbing to work with.

Although it would be nice to have a shower, we’ve already got two in the house, and there are only two of us … We don’t have any double sinks though, so that won the roll of the dice! Next steps:

  1. Hiring Plumber to do rough-ins
  2. Framing and drywalling bath
  3. Purchasing the fixtures
  4. Installing them!

Ya know, pretty much everything. 😉 Help us decide! Which bathroom option do you think is best?

Bathroom Options