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Closets in an old house, they’re a commodity what can I tell you. Overall, I’d give our house a B+ on storage since we actually do have a decent amount of storage with a large garage and ample space in the basement for schlepping our stuff away. What our house is missing though is enough closet space in any one bedroom for both Jay and I to put all our goods away in a neat and orderly fashion. A 10×10 bedroom only has so much wall space for said closets.

So, we took this attic expansion as a superb opportunity to add some much needed his and hers closet space. Modernize this joint. This is what we started with. See, it’s already storing all our extra goodies to the tune of a yet installed toilet. Classy.

How to Add Closets to Knee Wall

If you remember, when we were framing everything out, we took the opportunity to utilize all our extra knee wall space as prime storage opportunities. We had a similar set up in our last house, so we had a pretty good idea of what we were looking for come reno time. We’d never really built closets like this before though, so we had a few wrinkles along the way. Taking it in stride, my friends.

We knew we would need some type of mount to install the closet doors onto, so that was our first step.

Installing Spacer for Closet

Jay took a scrap piece of wood to do some investigative work in order to find the right angle for our initial piece, which landed up being right around 45 degrees. We just measured the length of the closet opening and cut it to size. Like so.

Adding Closet to Knee Wall

When we were measuring for the correct angle, we also used our handy little level to make sure everything would be consistent across the entire closet opening. If things were not level, it could lead to doors not opening correctly, etc. Things you always try to avoid. 😉

How to Install Closets in Knee Wall

Now, speaking of levelness, as we started to move along on our closet journey’s, we noticed some trouble up ahead as we started to edge toward our final wall. So … remember how I’ve mentioned a few times now that our drywall was kinda whack? Here is another instance.

Adjusting for Uneven Ceiling

See that hella-licous gap action? Not good, my friends. In order to keep everything level and consistent across the opening, we realized that we would have to shim our wood piece, creating a big old gap where there definitely shouldn’t be one. Whomp, whomp. We’ve got some plans to get creative with the trim on these closets and we’ll just have to add something beefier there to take care of the 1″ discrepancy.

To save ourselves some time and money, we decided the best strategy for the doors themselves would be to buy a pre-fabricated option, and just cut it down to size for the dimensions that we needed (we got this one). Since the doors were hollow though, we had to actually re-install the trim pieces as we went along, so that there would not be a visible hole down the front of the door.

Working with Hollow Doors

After we got the doors reconfigured, we went ahead and started the install process. Luckily, the doors came with the hardware necessary to mount them, so we just installed the hardware along the floor boards and popped those doors right on in.

How to install bi-fold Door

Well, kinda… The first two (again) were easy. It was the second set that gave us problems. After we put in the bottom bracket, shown above, we had to pop in the door to the top glider. For some reason the very last door (go figure) would just not adjust correctly to be the same height as all the others. Even after messing with it and adjusting everything, we were left with this.

Adjusting Bi-fold door

Grumble, grumble. One of these things is not like the other. We finally got the door to settle just a bit better, but there is still a noticeable bump up on the final door that we will have to continue to work on, or disguise somehow with trim, etc.

You can see the bump from this angle, as well, where the final door jimmy’s out a bit more than the rest. In all honesty, by this point in the project we were both getting pretty tired and resolved to pick up where we left off with it on another day.

Adding Closets to Attic Knee Wall

For now, I’d say this wall is SO MUCH more functional than it was pre attic demo, a la this photo. 😀 Ok – now I feel better. Danng just look at that pink carpet, I’m telling ya! 😀

Master Suite Attic Conversion


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