Stairway to Heaven

Ok, you caught me. Our stairway is currently not as dreamy as my post title may depict. No, it’s more like dreamy in draft form. Getting there, but not there.

Inspired by our bedroom wainscoting extravaganza and our trim party in the hall last week, we thought it was high time to take our hall from the pink monstrosity it was, to something slightly more chic.

And by pink, I mean, this.

Removing Wallpaper on Steps

What can I say, I just didn’t love it. 😀 The bad news, even after this improvement the pink is only half gone. The good, we’re working on making it ALL gone this weekend (eee!!) get excited!

Our first step in mission pink-be-gone was adding some chair rail, and painting the bottom section white. Better already, right? WRONG.

Adding Wainscoting to Stairwell

Then we moved on to the trim install. More or less, we knew we wanted to continue the same type of pattern we have in our bedroom. Buutttt, we had a slight wrinkle. See when your working on a downward angle, you’re definitely going to have a differences with how the shape looks.

After sketching it out, we came up with this general shape for our descent down the steps. And that’s when we started to scratch our heads and get confused. We knew what we wanted the shape to look like. We just had no idea on God’s green earth on how to make it. 😀

Adding Wainscoting to Stairwell

And that is when we ran to the store in search of a new tool for our tool box. We made a wise decision, and spent a few bucks on a special angle finding tool.

Money well spent, my friends, money well spent.

Here’s Jay, working on angle #1. After he found the angle, he was able to use his miter saw to trim each piece to the dimensions needed.

Finding Angle for Miter Saw

From there, we just worked away like busy beavers and cut box after box after box. Whew. Jay was busting out this bad boy for the better (worse?) part of a Saturday.

Depending on your stairs – you may also have to problem solve one more little detail. Since our stairwell has one wall that only goes half way down the steps, we knew that we’d need to do some math to figure out how to make the boxes end at the same location and to make sure that the long wall had even spacing all the way down the steps. To do that, we just measured the entire length of each wall (the left and short one on the right) and did some math to determine the spacing and size for each of the boxes.

Basically, we wanted to make sure that the start and end locations on the picture below, matched up, so that the boxes were mirrors of each other as they went down the stairwell.

Wainscoting on Stairwell

This little project has made a HUGE difference in the class factor of our stairway, guys. I pretty much was proclaiming to Jay for a week straight that we now live in a classy house. It official, y’all 😉

Here is the view as you approach the steps from the Living Room. Yes, did you notice with your eagle eye that we still have to add a little triangle to finish off the left side 🙂 We lost our motivation and took a quick breather. 😉

Installing Wainscoting on Stairs

Now that the wainscoting is more or less up, it’s reminded me of other details I want/need/must tackle in this little stairwell of ours.

Ahem. Notice anything? Yes, our stairs are a few shades oranger than our floors. What can I say, I guess we missed the whole step thang when we were slaving away on the floors before move in 😀

I see a weekend project in the future …

Refinishing Steps Darker

While we are at it, I’m thinking we’ll have to stain our banister a nice dark ebony perhaps? Something super chic. Just typing these words makes my heart palpitate with longing.

Refinishing Stair Railing

For now though, I’m relishing in what we do have done. It’s very much improved over move-in day. Here’s another close-up of our stairway all wainscoted out.

Wainscoting on Stairs

And although in my dream of dreams, we have grasscloth wallpaper adorning the top section of our stairwell, For $30 for a gallon of paint, I think we’re leaning toward painting the upper section for now. We can always wallpaper later, but there are so many other projects where we could allocate our hard earned dollars right now, that I just don’t feel like spending the few hundred that the grasscloth would set us back.

The new plan is Revere Pewter, which I’m still pretty darn excited about. I mean, it’s certainly better than the pink – right?!

Wainscoting Styles

And since I know you love em’ as much as I do – here are a few before and after shots for ya.

Move-in day, our steps looked like this:

Foyer Before

And now, they look like this!

Installing Wainscoting on Stairs

Ohhhhhh we’re halfway there. Rockin’ out to Bon Jovi over here 😀

8 thoughts on “Stairway to Heaven

  1. Your posts exhaust me just reading them, I honestly don’t know how you do it! We have been DIYing our house for a year now, and compared to you we move at a snail’s pace. We did manage to paint our front door this week, haha. 🙂

    Also, I vote ebony stairs to match if you do the handrail ebony! I love the look of black and white stairs!

  2. I’m moving into a house with this EXACT wallpaper in the bedroom AND in the entry + stairwell (but there it’s burgundy pink instead of blue) and I’m planning on painting it revere pewter. I plan to hire a painted because I stink at it, but am not sure if I have to remove the wallpaper or if we can just paint over it. How did you remove yours? And how did yiu prep the walls for the paint? They look like they were pretty messed up after taking the paper off. I’m new to all this painting stuff so any info is appreciated!

    1. Ha!! That’s so funny! In all honesty, I’d try to remove the wallpaper if you’re able. A lot of times the wallpaper will start to peel under the paint if you don’t do that, so it can be a bit of a hassle down the line. We just used a scrapper and a spray bottle of water (like a spackle knife, or house scrapper). To prep the walls, we had to come through with joint compound and mud it – after that, it covered great with paint! Hope that helps.

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