Stains on My Stainless

Aesthetically, there is nothing better than a crisp white kitchen and some stainless appliances (in my opinion). Yummy. After moving out of our last abode, we had white appliances in this new joint for the first 7-months or so, which kind of had us forgetting the maintenance of the stainless appliances. Beautiful, but holy mother, they can be a pain in the ruckus to keep clean.

Our normal cleaning routine in the last house was just to put a coat of water on with a rag, and then come back over with a microfiber cloth after. Worked like a charm. Once we had the new fridge installed though, I started to notice a line on it from where we had left on the wrapping while we continued to demo the room/house and get it ready for the new cabinets.

How to remove mark on stainless fridge

I tried going over it lightly with some water to see if it would budge and I had no luck. Bummer dude. When we purchased the appliances, they came with some handy dandy stainless cleaner that seemed a bit more legit than our wax on wax off method with the water so we decided to give it a whirl.

How to clean stainless

Similar to our water application, you simply take a cloth and put a dab of the cerama bryte on it and apply an even coat to the entire surface. After going over the fridge once for the initial application, we let it sit for about 5 minutes before we came back through to polish it off.

Cleaning Stainless Appliances

The product leaves a bit of a haze, so it’s pretty easy to tell the areas that need to be buffed off when you come back through. My all time favorite stainless cleaning tool came out for this final step. The micro fiber cloth. It works wonders my friend.

Using Microfiber cloth to clean stainless

Oh, and while we are on the topic of stainless, I’d like to share a tragic tail of a oven cleaning gone wrong. Very, very wrong. We are actually going through a rather awful experience with the top of our oven right now (it’s completely stainless) where the top scratched quite a bit when we were doing our normal evening cleaning routine. Like got done cooking, grab a wet rag, and lightly wipe away any excess chunks of food that plopped on there. Andddd then this happened. Do you see it. Do you see that HUGE scratch. Well there is more where that came from.

  GE Cafe Oven Scratches Easily

We’re going to try to buff out the scratches, but for now, we are left with a scratched surface like whoa. Oh, and you better bet your bottom dollar that GE is going to hear from muah. We followed their directions to a T on how to clean this guy, so, quite frankly, I’m not really willing to have this scratch mocking me for the rest of my life. Ain’t happening. The one saving grace, you can’t see it at all when the over head light is not on for cooking. Not enough to pacify this woman on a mission.

I’ll post an update when we decide to tackle that one. I prefer not to think about it. It makes me want to punch a baby. Not your baby – just a generic baby that is resilient to punches. *No babies were harmed during the making of this blog post*.

So anyhoo, back to the fridge, which, I’ll go ahead and plant a spoiler, was a success story. 😉 Didn’t want anyone getting tooo depressed reading our tale of the stainless appliances. Here is Jay rubbing off the stainless steel cleaner with the microfiber miracle cloth.

How to Clean Stainless Appliances

The good news, the fridge is definitely looking improved. Here is the same spot that we were having issues with before. No weird mark, just one lovely coat of stainless armor. I’m trying to pep the fridge up a bit – armor – no scratching like your brother the oven over there. Serioussly.

How to Clean Stainless Appliances

And now the whole fridge is looking foot loose and finger print free. Ah, yes. Just how we like it.

GE Cafe Counter Depth Fridge


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