Sprucing the Doors – Round Dos

So a bit of a confession. The FRONTS of our doors are looking mighty swanky these days, but the backs on em’. Emmmm, let’s just say I lost my steam a bit and didn’t finish all of them. The downstairs linen closet door, for instance, is one of those offending parties. It’s all business up front, and all party in the back. But like a bad frat party, with Solo Cups everywhere and a sticky floor. Yeah – you know what type of party I’m talking about…

So, I got my mind to painting that sucker. Right now it’s got really good storage on it BUT the storage is ugly and I don’t like it. So being the infinitely practical person I am (snicker) I decided to sell that thing on craigslist and go au natural. Plus, this closet is like 4 feet deep, so as long as we continue to use the baskets in there, I think this space will still stay nice and organized. In fact, even though the storage on the front did technically add more organization, it also made the closet feel really cluttered to me, cause every time you opened the door there was stuff right in your face. Here it is in all it’s glory with the storage rack, and sans paint.

How to paint doors
Linen Closet Door

We had some Kilz Primer laying around the house, so I thought I would put that on for the base coat. The wood paneling in the middle was especially hard to cover sufficiently with paint the first time around, so might as well bust out the primer to see if it helps, right?

How to paint wood doors
Painting the Linen Closet

Had Jay snag a picture of me working round these parts, so you didn’t think we was the only worker bee. he he 😉 I’ve got to admit, I am super happy with how well the primer covered. That middle section was pretty dark, so to have it completely covered in two coats felt pretty good.  Two coats later, (one coat of primer, and a coat of paint in Benjamin Moore Simply White) and the doors is looking like this! A bit of a confession, I totally had to spruce the closet a wee bit before snapping the after photo. It had gained a bit of clutter since my closet over haul a few weeks back. Overall – much better!

How to paint wood doors
Linen Closet Door | After

Ah, now that puts a smile on my face! One project down, 2 million to go!

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