Spring Cleaning

In addition to the pond overhaul, we also decided that it was high time for some proverbial spring cleaning in the backyard. The wonderful thing about living in an old, established neighborhood downtown is all of the TREES! The not so wonderful thing about living in an old, established neighborhood downtown are all the leaves that subsequently fall off said trees. We busted our behinds to rake each and every weekend in the fall, but totally had a mother load of leaves greeting us after the thaw. This picture really doesn’t do it justice. Trust me, it was a lot of leaves. 😉

Backyard Leaves
Backyard Leaves

We also had some downed timber from an ice storm in early spring. We were waiting for the compost collection to start up again before we put this guy into the collection pile. Jay opted to parse this into smaller pieces in order to fit the thing in the compost bin. I think he just wanted to have an excuse to pull out one of his rarely used man tools.

How to cut tree
Downed Tree

Now that all the debris is cleared and the leaves are swept away, this should make a great spot for summer entertaining. We still need to get rid of all the random stone figurines and broken pots left over from the last owner. Saving that for the next round. 🙂 There is some type of vine on the trellis – excited to see what that turns out to be! Also – does anyone have tree expertise? Is that brown evergreen dead? I’m leaning toward yes… The burning bush in the back of the picture, if you can’t see it. Perhaps it’s a biblical sign? 😉

Brick Paver Patio
Back Patio

Another area laden with leaves was a small area behind some trees adjacent to our screened in porch. After the clean up, this guy went from this,

Side Yard Patio
Side Yard

To this!

Side Patio
Side Yard Sans Leaves

I’m picturing perhaps something more like the photo below for the space long term. Since it’s a bit closer to the kitchen, this might be a better spot for summer dining. Ah, I can just see us now with a glass of wine in hand. We shall see.

Outdoor Patio Trellis
Outdoor Patio | Vision

The fun thing about raking away all the leaves, was that this was really our first opportunity to see the garden and what had been planted here in year’s past. Since the previous owner lived in this home for 27 years, and we were told that she enjoyed gardening, we knew we were in for some treats. Being so early in the season, we were only beginning to see things pop up, but man it did my heart good to see some little pops of spring coming in.

Purple Corcuses
Purple Crocuses

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