Some Bathroom Built-in Progress

Although I absolutely love the idea of built-in shelving, it turns out there are a few (minor) complications with our little beast that have kept the pace on this renovation a wee bit slow 😉 Mainly, the walls are (of course) not level, so every cut we made, and shelf that got installed has a different measurement than the last. Oye. Here is Jay, carefully measuring each front to back dimension to make sure everything turned out nice and dandy. (More on that saga, here)

Measuring Shelving

Once the shelves were all cut and looking spifferific (er, good enough) we moved on to the brackets that will be holding up the shelving. In general, we are not planning on holding too much weight on these shelves, so the brackets we selected are really more ornamental than – can a 400lb man jump up and down on this shelf and have it withstand the brute force. If your looking for something to hold your free weights, might want to add some extra omph power. Boom, Boom Firepower. That being said, I’m pretty sure these little guys will do the trick just fine for our cotton balls and accessories to get our hair did.

Decorative Shelf Brackets
Shelf Brackets

At first, I was thinking it would be nice to have a piece of wood that came over the bracket and hid that there was anything under the shelf, to make it look more like a floating shelf, rather than something with support under it. In all honesty though, once I saw these guys up and installed, I kind of liked the decorative look they offered to the built-in, and for now we’ve opted to keep them. The great thing about this option, is it’s pretty stinkin’ easy to go back after the fact and add a piece of wood to cover them up. For now – I’m really happy with how them look though – so – onward! Prior to installing the bracket, we did drill a small pilot hole to prevent the wood from splintering.

How to pre-drill a hole
Pre-Drill Hole

The first step to getting the brackets up on the wall (after cutting them and pre-drilling a hole) was to add some glue to their back side, which would be affixed to the wall. We had some caulk laying around that was also advertised as an adhesive, so we just opted to use that. Prior to hammering the nails, we had to wait 24 hours to make sure that the glue was completely set, and that the brackets would not move around at all while we were completing the install.

How to install shelf brack
Gluing Shelf Bracket

To make sure we were installing the brackets at the correct location for each shelf, we just grabbed our handy little level and made a small mark where each bracket would be sitting. Since the walls are so janky in this room, and the studs are generally out of whack, this step really helped to ensure that the shelving would be sitting level. Always a good thing. 😉

Leveling Out the Shelves

Here is a shot of all the brackets installed on the wall. See how they have a nice little curved detail? Kind of cute and quaint for our little white bathroom that could. 🙂 Prior to installing, Jay and I made an executive decision that we would like (3) shelves for the built-in, and that we wanted them to be evenly spaced. I think this will give just the right amount of height for all our miscellaneous bathroom stuff.

Brackets for built-in shelving
Brackets Installed

After the brackets were completely dry, and had been nailed in (the next day), we went ahead and installed our first shelf to make sure everything fit alright. There is a bit of a gap on the right side of the first one, but nothing that caulk won’t fix 😉 I abso-freaking-lutly love how this is looking, and more than anything, it makes me super pumped to know we will have SO much more bathroom storage than what we had before.

Built-in Shelf
Built-In Shelving

Here is the built-in beauty after a good sanding and a coat o’ primer. Now we just have to paint the shelves and the interior of the built-in and install the trim and we are almost ready to have this thing as a functioning member of our bathroom storage family. H to the izzo.

Primed and Ready to Go!

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