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Pinterest, it’s just the gift that keeps giving, isn’t it? For us DIY’ers of the world, it’s pretty fun to scan through the beautiful images and just drool. My latest pinterest obsession is the natural fiber look. It’s super understated looking, which I love, since I’m a neutrals kinda girl. Photos like this one, or this one, or this one from Lauren Liess. SWOON.

So when it was time to get a ginormous rug for our living room, my first thought was naturally, a natural fiber rug. Ok, bad joke, sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 In addition to being beau-tiful, I’ve also found that many jute and sisal options are a lot less than a wool rug would be for the same size. Our 9×12 Pottery Barn rug only set us back $349 (it was during their natural fiber sale). Now from where I come from, that is a steal of a deal. For comparison, my other top contenders were pushing the 1k mark. Holy mackerel.

Here is how that purty little jute number looks after we plopped it down in the living room.

Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

Color me obsessed since I also put in a natural fiber rug into the dining room last month.

Seeing a trend here? Well when our two downstairs bedrooms started feeling mighty bare underfoot, I decided it was high time to get some softer ground down in these rooms as well. So, I went and bought a few more natural fiber rugs to add to the collection. This one to be exact. Since it was such a good deal – I decided to get TWO! One for each room.

The Master Bedroom has had a wool rug in it for a while, but it felt just a bit too small for the space so I think we are going to re-purpose this guy in the basement for now. This is how the Master looked pre-jute.

Dark Walnut Stain on Red Oak

And this is how the Guest Bedroom was looking before we got the new rugs in – pretty bare in there.

Dark Walnut on Red Oak

If possible, I wanted a rug that covered the majority of the floor space in each of the bedrooms to help create some distinction between these floors and the sea of lovely dark floors throughout the rest of the abode. I also got it in my head that since the bedrooms face directly across from each other, that it would be nice to get matching rugs in order to give the space some symmetry.

Now, when I first started out on my search I was consistently pretty bummed. I was looking for pretty specific dimensions (7×9 and 8×11) so I’d often find a rug I liked that worked in one space, but not the other. But then, one Thursday evening I was just sitting on the couch after work, leafing through the latest Home Decorators catalog, when I stumbled across this guy. Can it be, the rug I’ve been searching for? On baited breath, I checked the dimensions, it had the 8×11, but the closest it got to the smaller size was a rug just under 6×9. Not perfect – but I was pretty sure I could live with it since it just cut a foot off each side.

BUT when I check the same rug online – they had a 7×9 option. Thunderbolts of lightning, very very frightning!!! Yes. It was a magical moment. And the best part, I had a 20% off coup. Bam.

Home Decorators Natural Fiber Rug

So although $521 is still a lot of money, to knock out two rooms with rugs that are nearly a perfect custom dimension for each space – that is down right CHEAP. When I was getting kind of desperate for a wall to wall option, I priced out custom sized jute rugs here, and it was going to set us back around $1,400 each so I was practically doing an air bound heel click when I found these little beauties.

I was mighty happy to see them come delivery day. Interesting enough, although both of the rugs below are jute, you can see there is a pretty significant color difference between our living room rug and the new rugs for the bedrooms. Tricky, very sneaky. Luckily, I was game for the creamier rendition of my jutie tootie. No harm, no foul.

Natural Fiber Diamond Jute Rug

Once you’ve already got furniture in a space, it can be a wee bit of a pain to move it all, but I was highly motivated to snap some after shots for all of y’all, so the hubster and I got right to it. 🙂

Here is a close up of the pattern. I love it. The rugs add some much needed texture to the room – added bonus – they are SO soft! Natural fiber rugs can be a bit on the scratchy side at times, but these rugs almost feel like a wool blend they’re so soft.

Home Decorators Diamond Jute Rug

And now, instead of hard, solid wood, we have this lovely view into the Guest Bedroom. It covers everything up nicely and makes the room feel a bit more put together.

Home Decorators Diamond Jute Rug

Here is the view looking out from the Master Bedroom to the Guest Room. Ahhh. Symmetry.

Diamond Jute Rug

Feels good to keep checking things off the list for spaces that still feel unfinished around the house! Progress – one rug at a time. 🙂

9 thoughts on “She’s a Natural

  1. Hi, I love that I came across your blog with these great rugs! Can you please tell me if this diamond jute one is soft enough for my baby’s room? also, it appears fairly light, would you say your pics are true to the actual color? It’s really nice. I’m also considering the Overstock jute/cotton one in your living room. Which one would you say is softer? I can’t decide, i really like both. thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Desiree! Good to hear from you. I’d definitely go with the diamond jute for a little one’s room. It’s literally the softest natural fiber rug I’ve come across yet, I love it! It’s true to color in the pics, really almost white. Let me know if you have any additional questions!

  2. Hi Mary, I haven’t gotten the jute rug yet, but I’m closer. Just another couple of questions I thought of- hope you don’t mind. Do you have any cats? I wonder if my cat will tear it up. Also, does it shed? I had another jute rug and it was awful, I ended up sending it back. thanks again for your help! rugs are so darn tricky to buy online 🙂

    1. Not at all Desiree! We do have a cat and have not had any issues so far (although he is declawed up front, not in the back). I have not noticed any shedding at all! I agree – jute is hard to buy online! I’ve found that these rugs really feel nothing like jute and really feel more like a high quality wool rug, in my opinion. I love, love, love them! 🙂

      1. You’re just the best! Thank you so so much! I think I’m gonna go for it, it’s such a nice looking rug. Seriously, I don’t know what I’d do without blogs like yours. thanks again 🙂

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