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Oh happy day. Houston, we have a dishwasher (also GE Cafe). To provide some context, we are going on 5 weeks now where we have been sans this important domestic tool. Thank you greatest generation for making this fine piece of machinery, cause Lordy, I’ve determined that this household is pretty much unable to live without it. 5 weeks too many of washing our dishes with the hose outside. Literally.

How to wash dishes during kitchen reno

It was like camping. We would bring all our utensils and plates out to the hose and give them a good scrub and then let them dry on the screened in porch. Except with camping you leave and go home to your modern comforts after a few days, here, not so much. We even had a run in with a family of raccoon’s one night when we left the banana bread pan “soaking” aka, we just didn’t feel like washing that thing. Well, the locals got a little feast out of it. Civic duty achieved. Malcolm liked to guard the dishes from said intruders. One of these things is not like the other.

How to wash dishes during kitchen reno

After our cabinets were installed (almost a month ago – geeze!) the little corner for the dishwasher was looking mighty barren and lonely. It didn’t take long for us to find a good use for it while we were waiting to install the dishwasher, Jay started using it for all his empty beer bottles. Classy. 😉

How to Install a dishwasher

With the dishwasher installation we were actually pressing the limit with our plumbing a wee bit, since we had to wrap it behind a cabinet corner before it joined up with the sink. The dishwasher specifications suggest 10 feet or less, and we were closer to 12. Living on the edge.

Not ideal, but it’s the only spot we had for the little bugger so that decided that! Plus, we had the same configuration in our last house (actually the plumbing stretched a bit further) so, I wasn’t overly worried about it. Unfortunately, since the dishwasher was not right next to the sink, we did have to shell out some extra simoleons to get all the right plumbing. $40 to be exact. See our main stars of the performance below, aka hot water line and waste line.

Plumbing for Installing Dishwasher

Since we wanted some hand holding on this one (plumbing = Jay’s nemesis), we went to our uber awesome local hardware store, Stadium Hardware. These guys are a-mazing. Jay basically walked in with his question/project, and the guy helping him just started pulling the correct parts off the shelf and handing them over to him. A plumbing trip for us usually involves 2 hours at the Depot or Lowes, where we scratch our heads on the right part to buy, and inadvertently land right back there the next day since we got the wrong part (you get my picture), so this place is like GOLD. Anything we can do to reduce the stress quota when plumbing is involved, is a good thing since this home improvement category usually not our friend. Extra bonus, Stadium Hardware is like a hop skip and a jump away from us and the big box stores are a bit of a hike. Win-Win-Winning.

So once we had a location all decided on, we got right to it. Picture me standing next to Jay, one hand holding the camera and the other covering my eyeballs while he defaces our brand spanking new cabinets. EEEEEKKK. At least it’s behind the dishwasher for all eternity if we screw up.

How to install a dishwasher

Since we had a corner unit that we were working with, our main objective was to snake around the top of the cabinet with as little plumbing showing as possible. Initially, we thought about letting the plumbing just rest on the ground floor, but the more I thought about it, I wanted this stuff out of sight and out of mind. The less clutter the better, Especially in your kitchen cabinets, ya know what I mean.

After the hole had been cut, we fed each of the plumbing lines through. The waste line, the black plumbing line, and the hot water, which is the white line.

How to install dishwasher

Then, under the sink we attached each of the lines to their respective locations. The hot water line got connected to the hot water (fairly obvious). The dishwasher came with a fitting, which we used to secure it on to the plumbing.

Since we had all the right parts at this point, this part of the installation was actually pretty painless and only took like 15 minutes. Whaaat??? For a dishwasher install?? Yes – you heard me right. I think we need to call Guinness, because in our house that is a world record fo shizzle. In fact, the part that probably took the longest was deciding on the location for the hole in the side of the cabinet. 😉

Hot Water Connection for Dishwasher

Now the waste line had to get connected to the food disposal (and sink), so this was round deux of our process.. This part took a bit more time, and we actually had to do it after the counters (and sink) were installed, since ya know, the sink connects to the faucet, and the faucet connects to the plumbing. 😉 See, I didn’t think of all these things. I figured we could bust out this baby in the first night and start scrubba dub dubbing our dishes again. Wrong.

Luckily, it didn’t take tooo much longer, but it brought the entire project closer to 45 mins, vs. the initial 15. Small upfront time investment to have a robot wash your dishes for you. Since we had to hack off the last plumbing stack to get the old cabinets off, we started by fitting some new PVC to connect the disposal, sink and dishwasher to the waste line.

Plumbing for Dishwasher

It’s like a little plumbing puzzle. Jay is the puzzle master. See that purple stuff he is putting on the inside of the PVC? That helps to give everything a good seal, and make sure it is all tight and secure on there. $6 well spent.

We connected the hot and cold plumbing and then moved on to the crowning touch. The sink plate. I loved this part. It was like playing with playdo.

Installed Garbage Disposal

Splat. Look at that. It’s plumbers putty and it gives the ring a good seal. Each twist of the wrench brought more splatterness. It was great fun. Of course we cleaned it all up so things look a bit less splaterfied these days – it was good while it lasted.

After we had everything arranged down below, this was our under sink arrangement. Kinda crowded with the disposal chilling in the middle, but that’s how the cookie crumbles.

How to install dishwasher

Once all the plumbing was attached, we started to think about making it nice and purty. Jay had some zip ties from work that we used to make the plumbing attach right up to the top of the cabinet, and prevent it from hanging down in the way of all our kitchen goodies.

How to hide dishwasher lines

After all that plumbing, we were left with this! See what’s peaking up above that. Why yes, that’s our counter tops! I’m jumping up and down as I say that. {Happiness} All the deats on those tomorrow!

GE Cafe Dishwasher

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