Screened-in Sanctuary

Psst, before you get all excited and start reading about our screened in porch progress, make a note to come back on Wednesday cause we’ve got a GIVEAWAY coming your way! TumbleRoot (website here) is giving away some awesome art work! Tune in tomorrow for the deets 🙂 And now, back to your programmed messaging. 😉

Now that the days of summer are dwindling away, my mind has turned to sprucing our screened-in porch and making it all purty. Right in time for winter, when I can put all the furniture away and never go in this room any more. Makes tons of sense, doesn’t it. More than anything, it’s that this room has been taunting me. Saying to me “You let all summer go, without sitting back and relaxing? Without putting your feet up and enjoying a glass of wine out on your porch?” Every time I glance out on that unfinished room (like I am, now), I get this feeling in my gut that this room should just have been done by now. By yesterday.

I mean, really, it did land up being a really good junk zone. Wall removal – meh, let’s just put the stuff in here! It’s close, it’s convenient, it’s perfect! Widening a door? Great! Just throw the bricks over there. But over time, the room started to see the best of it. It started to own up to it’s name as the junk yard of this joint.

How to clean porch

This is my plan of attack, to get this room back into tip top shape.

  • Paint the floor (it needs it)
  • Fix the door surrond, frame and trim it
  • Get an indoor/outdoor rug
  • Add some potted plants
  • Get new window treatments

Easy peasy, right? I mean half of that list involves no physical labor. Score. Since it was only going to set us back a gallon of indoor/outdoor paint. We decided to tackle the floor painting first. There were absolutely tons of small brick pieces and rocks that got stuck in the floor slats, so our first order of business was grabbing a screw driver and manually removing each and every piece of that junk. It was actually kind of fun. It became a game to see how high you could catapult the next piece. he he.

How to Clean Screened in Porch

After the floor was totally free of debris, we decided to test some colors and see which ones suited our fancy clancy.

Paint on Screened in Porch

I decided the easiest thing to do was just grab some of the paint we had left over from previous projects and slap it on the ground to see if it was going to work. I really had my heart set on using Northern Cliffs, but it just looked to darn light on the floor. Almost white, no? Which is weird, since this is Northern Cliffs in our downstairs bathroom. Whoa, nelly! That’s the same color? So, we went back to the store and just bought a gallon of paint that we liked on the paint sample sheet. Crazy kids! And ya know what, I really like it! See, I got really sick of taking our samples to Lowes, because I would buy a sample, test it out, and LIKE it, and Lowes could never quite match it right again. Whhaaa?? Weren’t you the one that told me to buy a sample for $3.99 so I could make sure I like it, first. Shrug.

We landed up going with Wildwood Crest, which is probably, most definitely the perfect greige. Yes, I know. I told you Northern Cliffs was the perfect greige. I LIED. This is. Until I find a more perfect greige. 😉 Here it is after the first coat. Loverly.

How to Paint Deck

Before we got to painting, we had to scrubba dub dub this floor to make sure the paint would stick, and that we wouldn’t just be painting over dirt, cause that’s gross. And pretty lazy, and it doesn’t look good. I’ve learned from experience. Don’t paint over dirt, it will never look good. 🙂 Public service announcement. So on my Friday night, I got my porch scrubber and started suddsin up.

How to Clean Screened in Porch

After we got the first coat of paint down on the floors, there were a few other details that needed our attention. The walls had lots of green on them from before, so we had to touch that up. Since our white paint didn’t match the previous white paint, we had to paint it all. Grumble grumble.

Painted Screened in Porch

After a coat of paint on the walls, and another coat of paint slapped down on the floor, things were looking much better.

Wildwood Crest Behr

Now that it’s got paint all around and up and down on it, this room is looking well on it’s way. The orange boy approves.

Wildwood Crest Behr

Once we have a rug some leafy greens and furniture in this room, I’ll be one happy little camper.



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