Sacking the Sink

After searching high and low, and far and near, I finally found a sink that proportionally will work in the downstairs bathroom. Woot, Woot! Put your hands in the a-ir! That being said, with addition of our new beau, it was time to part ways with our prior tenant. Off to the craigslist pile he went.

Since we were often scratching our heads about the basic play by play on how to un-install sinks, etc, in our first abode, I thought I would go through all the steps we had to take to get this little guy out and the new sink in. First, let’s have a moment of appreciation for the new sink. Aaawww – that’s the angels singing. Just in case you didn’t have the same sound populate your head 😉

Barclay Pedestal Sink
Barclay Pedestal Sink

So the first, extremely crucial step, is to turn off the water. Right, Jay? Let’s just say, we’ve had a few too many water related monstrosities round these parts. If there is a shut off valve – USE IT! God put it there for a reason. And remember, lefty loosey, righty tighty. Hope I’m not the only one that repeats that in a droning fashion as I do any tightening/loosening task. Then again, I also still make an L with my left hand to remind me which hand is which, so, ya know…

How to shut the water off for your sink
Shut off Valve on the Sink

Then, you’re going to want to remove the water lines from the wall, so that you can actually remove the sink. Remember to turn the faucet (but not the water source, obvi) on at this point, to make sure any extra water in the line is able to drain. You’ll be looking for these guys. Just grab a wrench and start loosening the bolts until you are able to remove the water line from the sink.

Water Lines on Sink
Water Lines

After the water lines are free and clear, you move on to the waste/sewer line. Mmmm – lovely. I mean, not quite as bad as au toilet, but still, kinda gross. Same as the water lines, you will want to find a wrench, and simply loosen this until you can start to manually loosen the sink from above. We made sure to grab a rag for this part, just in case some lovely little remnants of tooth brushing past decided to make a debut. After we had sufficiently loosened this guy up with the wrench, it was time for some good old man power.

Removing sewer line for sink
Removal of Waste Line

After this part had been loosened sufficiently, we just moved on to shimming the sink a bit until we could bust this sucker out. Other than a bit of caulk at the top of the sink, one you have all the pipes undone, the rest should come pretty easy. Oh, and in case you were wondering, there was some junk in the trunk when it came to the waste line. And it was all black and super grody.

How to remove a sink

We eventually stuck a rag in there so that the area remained closed off while we waiting on the new sink to arrive. It feels great to have the sink out of the bathroom though, since the space is so stinking small, it frees up some extra room for the tile saw. The hubby is pretty happy that he doesn’t have to schlep out to the garage to cut each piece now! A tile update should be here next week!

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