Run Forrest, Run!

Is it bad that when looking for running shoes, that aesthetics are my first yes/no vote? 😉 I recently had a pair (the brand shall remain unmentioned) that were so freaking ugly, I just felt angry every time I put them on. Like GRRRR angry. I was training for a half-marathon and needed a new pair, so I made the mistake of buying a pair from a store where I had a gift card, even though they were not the right shoe for me. Not quite the right thing to do when training – for a half-marathon. The shoes just didn’t work for me and my body paid the price. Top dolla man.

So, one of my day zero goals is to run another half-marathon. Probably not this year, but I like to log 10 or so miles a week, and perhaps build up to 15 or so by the time summer rolls around. Mainly so I can feast on any delectable dish, or glass of wine, that comes my way 😉 And – I just like the way I feel after a wee bit of exercise – refreshed and ready to take on this big bad world.

Erin and I before our Half
Erin and I before our Half

Jay has been pushing me hardcore to try a more minimalist shoe. I want to try them, mainly cause I like how they look. 🙂 Did I mentioned I got a weak spot for that whole looks category. BUT I don’t want the function to be sacrificed while I am blinded by their beauty. We have a local running store in Ann Arbor called Running Fitwhere I would like to snag the shoes from – super nice, knowledgable staff and a decent amount of variety. Plus I can get my tuckus there with my own two feet, which I find vastly better than schlepping out the good ole’ automobile. 🙂

I’ve got my search down to a few brands/styles – but I would LOVE input from people! So holla at me!

The first one is a more typical minimalist shoe – like the look – not certain if I could handle the concept of no padding though. Although I would have some killer quads! 😉

New Balance Minimus Zero
New Balance Minimus Zero

Or something like this – a traditional running shoe with the padding I’m used to… I’ve gotten some feedback from some ladies that love this one, noting that this has consistently been a winner for them.

Asics Gel Nimbus 14
Asics Gel Nimbus 14

Then there is this Brooks shoe, more of a minimalist/light shoe feel – but still some padding.

Brooks Women's PureConnect
Brooks Women’s PureConnect

So what do y’all think?

8 thoughts on “Run Forrest, Run!

  1. As we talked on FB about, I recently bought a paid of the Nimbus (but in the bright pink). When getting new shoes I had it down between the Asic Nimbus and the Asic model similar to the New Balance you have listed. Since the Minimus Zero’s have a shorter heal and little padding it would give you killer calves. Although I have insanely strong calves I struggle with cramps, and I did not want to take the risk. I love my Nimbus and the bright pink makes them my happy running shoes!

    1. I thought you would have some more insight, Meghan! It seems like you have been running quite a while, so thanks so much for your additional knowledge on the shoes! I am definitely leaning toward the Asic’s – I am a wee bit afraid to try the minimalist shoes! I do get knee pain every once and a while, and I have heard that the minimalist style can help to avoid those type of injury’s. So that is part of my consideration, too.

  2. Hi Mary! I have asics too! They are great running shoes & wear extremely well over time. The thing that I highly recommend when considering new shoes especially since you run everyday, log many miles weekly, and sometimes have running related pain is to … go see a running doctor! UM health services has a great one – just call and say you have running related pain and need to make an appointment with a running doctor. He can tell you what your arch/pronation is, and then you can research what kinds of shoes are best for your foot. I was having intense shin pain after becoming a regular runner last summer and discovered that I am prone to over-pronating. My feet & shins feel so much better after getting shoes that suit my arches!

    PS LOVE your new blog!

    1. Elizabeth!! So good to hear from you! 🙂 Really good advice on the professional input. I’ll have to look into that. Wish you were still in AA so I could have ya around as a running partner! Miss you lots lady!

  3. 10 miles a week? Please! This old man does that plus some. Although with this weather and muddy roads it has been on the treadmill.

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