Ok – so for the longest time in our living room, we’ve had a white rug. Which is like dangerous before a child and after a baby it’s just really nutto. I mean – truth be told – the cat was the main problem with all the vom action he had over the years. He would like go out of his way every. single. time. to puke on the carpet. And then along came Henry …

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

This rug has been with us through many a house. As we were recently bidding adieu to it, Jay said kinda nostalgically that it was the first real rug we ever owned. lol. And it kinda was and it’s literally made it into (4) houses now, and really, I can’t say that for many other pieces of furniture. Here it is below in our Master Bedroom in our second house.

Emmie Spets Sheets IKEA

But y’all – I was pegging for a persian rug. I’ve just had it in my head that these beauties like immediately help your house to look lived in and collected. Being a constant mover/purger, that’s something I’ve struggled with the most with our decorating – the concept of a collected over time space. We had a persian in our kitchen up north and I loved it (hides stains like a champ, too)

Antique Persian Rug

So I started the mad hunt. Craigslist, of course. Nothing. Ebay, some options (lots of them actually), but it seemed like all the ones I like were just far enough out of our price range, and I also had some analysis paralysis about spending loot on something I couldn’t see in person first. So one Saturday, I made Jay and H load up into the car for a country extravaganza to hit up an antique store out in the boon docks and it paid off big time. For anyone local to the area, the antique locale is Raleigh Furniture Gallery and they had a ROOM OF ANTIQUE PERSIAN RUGS. And y’all – wouldn’t you know it – right when I walked in, there on the floor in the main room staging some furniture was the prettiest persian I’d laid eyes on with dimensions that worked with our space to boot.

Here are a few shots of the new addition down in our living room.

Collected and gathered look, right? It’s got some super dark navy and black in it, which, ya know – the darker the better since baby and voming cat, but also, the dark navy goes so well with our little chair we found on craigslist. I love the detail on it, and think once we purchase a seagrass rug to layer underneath it that it will fill in the space perfectly.

Here is another close up shot of the pattern on the rug. Delicious.


This is how the room looks now when you come in from the garage.

Persian Rug Sources

It has some discoloring on one of the sides from what look like water damage at some point, but meh, kids, husbands, me – it’s bound to get some additional character marks over time 😉

Vintage Persian Rug Raleigh

Things are finally starting to feel like home!



4 thoughts on “Rugtime

  1. Ohhhhhh I’m going to have to check this place out!! I feel the same way about Persian rugs; it gives instant character to an otherwise ‘new builder’ space. We got a beautiful one at Always Home in Durham, but I had to stalk the store for a while until the right one at the right price came in.

  2. I wanted a vintage rug so badly for my master bedroom (I was considering Persians, various Moroccan ones, and Turkish oushaks). It took me THREE YEARS to find one! I had the same issue as you – mainly, it stressed me out to spend so much money on something I couldn’t see or feel in person. I live in Durham, but I couldn’t find anywhere that had what I wanted. Everything was either Karastan rugs or way too expensive (Nomadic Trading in Durham has piles of vintage rugs, but they’re $$$). I finally found a website – Kaya Kilims – that sells kilims and oushaks from Turkey. The rugs are really beautiful, prices are great, and shipping is free! She also holds amazing sales quite often, and her instagram accounts are fun to follow. I’m going to have to check out Raleigh Furniture Market and Always Home now!

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