Rolling me Down the Highway

People, we’ve got some HUGE news to share. Gigantic. Life changing. I really can’t even believe I’m writing this post right now – everything still feels so abstract it’s hard to put my hands around it and accept that we’ve got a totally new future ahead of us.

See on Monday, this happened.

How to Sell Your Home

And instead of buying another house in lovely Ann Arbor, we’re moving on down to the land of the pines and setting up shop in Durham, NC! WHHAAAAAAAAA??? I know. That’s what I keep saying.

Let’s travel back a few weeks, and I can tell you our tale. See it all started when our attic looked like this (aka NOT done).

Drywalling Attic

My engineer of a husband got a call from a recruiter down in North Carolina, asking if he’d like to interview for a position with a company down in Research Triangle Park, basically a science and technology hub located close to Durham. We kind of looked at each other and shrugged. I mean, on one hand our attic looked like the photo above (scary). On the other, we’d always wanted to relocate to North Carolina and it kinda felt like exactly the right thing. Like we should at least try for it and see where we landed.

And in all honesty, we still haven’t completely landed. See Jay is still interviewing for that job. He’s had FOUR interviews with this company (including an in-person interview, where we drove down to Durham), and we are still waiting (on baited breath) to hear back from them.

But something else happened. While my husband was going through the interview process with this company, I thought I should probably start looking for a place to work, too. Just in case his job worked out. And as luck would have it, the exact position I’m working at right now opened up at Duke University. Since I work in a pretty niche job market (promotion of alternative transportation i.e. walking, biking, transit, etc) – it was pretty insane that a position like this just happened to pop up exactly when I needed it to. And guess what, I got the job. This is where I’ll be working. SOMEBODY PINCH ME. No, I take that back, SLAP ME.

Duke University Campus

I really couldn’t possibly be more excited about it. The job is part-time, which I feel is just right for this phase of my life. As you all know, things have been picking up a lot with interior design clients and of course there is the blog, so I feel like I’ll be able to finally find a bit more balance in my life, vs. working a full-time job, and then working at all my other side ventures practically full-time, too. I’m so excited to take all that extra time and put it back into growing a business that I absolutely love. Seriously, I’m SO EXCITED.

Durham North Carolina

Durham is such a cool city, too. We were not sure what to think about it, since we’d heard some mixed feedback from people. Now don’t get me wrong, Durham is so not Ann Arbor. It’s much more gritty, but in the best way possible. The city has got character and there are so many really, really cool things happening there. A lot of the neighborhoods are transitioning in the city right now, which I think will be a great opportunity for the Mr. and I. You all know that we don’t mind getting our hands dirty every once and a while, so moving into a city with so much activity and rejuvenation going on feels like a completely new and fresh adventure for us. We absolutely adored living in Ann Arbor, but it’s a city that has most definitely already arrived. In Durham, that growth and energy is just happening, so it’s very cool that we have the potential to be a part of that.

Historic Homes in Durham

We’re still not sure exactly what the future holds, but we know that as soon as the hubby has firm employment, that we will be on to the next house renovation in no time flat. And if you know me, you know I’ve already picked out that house! 😀 We are so hoping that the job he’s been interviewing for works out, and if it does, we should be in the next house by mid-April. Please cross your fingers for us!!

I know, from the deepest part of my heart, that this is the right path for Jay and I. We’ve dreamed so long about relocating down to North Carolina, so to actually have this be a new reality for us is just a beautiful thing. Even though we are so, SO excited, that doesn’t mean it’s not bittersweet for us. Michigan has been my only home. It’s where my family is. It’s where some of the best friends we’ve ever had the honor of knowing are. I’ll miss (so much!) being able to spend an afternoon with my Mom and sister, or going over to my parents house on a fall evening and watching football, or spending Thanksgiving saying grace with my hands clasped in a chain of 30+ relatives, all of them a part of me. I’ll miss the amazing group of people we’ve met in Ann Arbor, truly just incredible, hilarious, sincere human beings.

But if there is something I’m realizing as I get older, it’s that things won’t always, and can’t always stay the same. If you want something – you’ve got to be willing to put yourself out there and fight for it, even if it hurts sometimes. There are so many things we will miss about our home in Michigan but I know it’s time to start the next chapter. And as bittersweet as this transition is, I know amazing, amazing things are so close to happening for us and that just excites the be-jesus out of me! We’re so excited to enter this next phase with open hearts and minds and can’t wait to have all of YOU along for the journey!

15 thoughts on “Rolling me Down the Highway

  1. So exciting!!!!!!! Good luck Jay! Jack is just had a second interview for a job… they really like to stretch these things out don’t they?

    Cant wait to see what happens next for you guys!

  2. Congratulations! Funny enough, my boyfriend and I always joke that we are going to move to NC because I have this idea in my head that it is the perfect place to live (good climate, southern charm, fun places to visit, and even some family down there as well). I hope you guys love it!

  3. Wow! That’s so exciting! We live in RDU and my husband works for a company in RTP! We’ll practically be neighbors.

    I’m so excited for you guys and I hope everything works out soon! Feel free to ask questions about your lovely new state 🙂

  4. Congratulations Mary! Durham is one of the only southern places I would consider moving to! It’s so fun and young, plus the food is amazing. I also work at a university and know how dynamic and engaging the work can be, so this is great news! Good luck!

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