80’s Oak – Just Say No

Well it’s not actually 80’s oak. It more like mid-90’s, and maybe it’s maple? But I really hate to inform you that it had to go. I wish I was happy with the cabinets as they were. I wish I didn’t feel the need to gut this room and redo everything. But I do. And that is a wee bit sad, since it turns out they don’t give new kitchens away for free. Bummer.

Here it is in the post-reno glory. So far in this room, we’ve really only painted the walls to get rid of it’s faux finish and we have been holding off for the bigger revisions. Until now. Dun-dun-duuunnn.

Light maple cabinets
Kitchen | Before

Right now the kitchen has a few notable areas that are low on the efficiency/storage solution side of things. First, there is the area in the corner. It’s a dead corner with no storage, just an empty little nook of nothing. Since our room is already super-duper-small, not being able to use this back corner is kind of an issue. When we plan out the space, we would like to be able to access this area, so we are hoping to find a cabinet that can multi-task back there for enhanced storage.

Unused kitchen corner
The No storage Corner

Another area that could ramp up the function factor a bit would be the cabinet above the lame duck corner. I totally love the look of a built-in, old school kitchen, so we are hoping to bring this guy all the way down to the counter in order to 1) optimize space and 2) make the kitchen look super fancy shmancy. This is the built-in look I am hoping for after we are all done in this corner. Sans the glass, since this area will most likely be our main storage for plates, etc. and let’s face it, my daily dishes are not something I want on display. 😉

Kitchen Built-in Cabinet
Kitchen Built-In

One thing I am going to miss about our new, redesigned kitchen is this little food storage area in the corner. Although it offers a pantry of sorts for us right now, the space is not designed quite right, so all our storage feels very hap-hazard and unplanned. I’m looking forward to chatting with a pro on it to see if they have any really good ideas on how to max out the space here a bit more.

Corner pantry storage
Kitchen Corner

We are also planning on re-configuring the oven space a bit. I’m not crazy about how the oven range pops out beyond the window frame currently. I’m also just not a fan of the oven in that location in general. So we will most likely move that along the wall where the pantry is right now, or to the fridge wall. Still waiting on a final consensus there. Ideally, I would like some cabinetry at this spot that stops right at the edge of the window trim, to create a bit more cohesion in the space.

GE Profile Gas Range
Oven Wall

And while we are at it, we figured that opening up the wall would benefit the space too – so – in addition to the new cabinets and appliances, we are planning on adding a foot or so on each side of the doorway to make the whole space feel nice, bright and open.

Busting open a wall – this is new territory for us, so although I’m pumped for the final result, I’m also not super excited about the whole getting there process. No gain with out a little pain. The wall next to the fridge will be opened up nearly to the cabinetry, adding about a foot of space on each side, which I think will help the room flow much better. The fridge we purchased for the new space is counter depth, so it will hug the counter by a few more inches, so it won’t be quite as close to the opening as the current refrigerator is.

Opening Kitchen Wall
Wall Opening

Overall, we are pretty excited to get this show on the road, but also a bit daunted by all that has to get done. Ripping out cabinets, opening doorways, redoing floors – it’s a lot on our plate. Each step gets us closer though, so it feels good to be headed down that road. Ask me again how I feel when I am covered in dust and feeling broke from all the costs associated with a kitchen gut and ya might get a different story. 😉

3 thoughts on “80’s Oak – Just Say No

  1. What a funky kitchen. How weird to have your oven stuck there at the end. Much courage to you during the reno but it will be so great! Thankfully, all we had to do was repaint our cabinets. 2 years later I am finally done. haha

    1. Yeah – it could definitely benefit from some reconfiguring 😉 Painting cabinets can make such a big difference – I bet it feels great to be done!

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