Rip Er’ Out

It’s gotten to the point we’ve been dreading. The point we’ve been trying to avoid as long as possible. The demo phase of the reno has officially begun. As much as I hate this phase, it also makes me gleefully excited. Like maniacally laughing excited. Sometimes I get like that, you? Kay – maybe it’s just me.

Here is the official before shot. See, most – normal – people would be like, yeah, looks good! Nice kitchen. Me … well, I think we’ve already confirmed my non-normality. So, I’m ripping it out.

Corner pantry storage
Kitchen Corner

And here is a snapshot of all that it stored. Not inconsequential. It’s a decent amount of stuff that will need to find a new storage home.

Kitchen Pantry Storage
Kitchen Pantry Storage

So, once we determined that these cabinets would be the first to get the official heave ho, we started emptying them out. One by one and two by two. And loaded everything out onto our dining room table. These are the moments when it starts to hit you. Uggg. The next few weeks are going to be a barrel of monkeys. My pantry is now officially on my table. I don’t feel like that is where it belongs…

Emptied kitchen cabinets
All Our Kitchen Stuff

After jerry rigging with the cabinets for a bit, and trying to find screws to dismantled the cabinets, we slowly came to the realization that the counters had to come off before any other kitchen related item was going to budge. So, we figured the first step was to start by scoring the glue and silicone that was keeping the counter on the cabinets.

How to remove granite counters
Razor Blade

The scoring helped, but it wasn’t sufficient to completely get the counters off. So Jay did a quick google search and we grabbed a putty knife, hoping that this could get down a little further to continue to break the seal and leverage the counter up more.

How to remove granite counter
Removing Granite Counter

And then, after some major huffing and puffing, that baby came right on up. I did a happy dance, Jay made a happy face. Then we realized that for 5 square feet of counter, granite is heavy. Very, very heavy. He’s smiling here, just wait a few seconds later …

How to remove granite counter
Removing Counter

Of course the Manager had to come by and observe. Make sure everything was up to his standard. He approved. Onward!

The Manager
The Manager

After the granite was up, the screws to remove the cabinets were very easy to access, so the demo from this point was pretty smooth sailing. The cabinets (like the counters) were very substantial, so it definitely took both Jay and I to remove each one (especially the top cabinets).

Removing Cabinets
Removing Cabinets

And after 30 mins, we had a cleared cabinet corner. Demolition success!

Removing Kitchen Cabinets
Removing Cabinets

For now, we will leave the other side of the kitchen intact so that we can have some counter top/storage space throughout the renovation process. Although we do miss the storage now that these cabinets are out, it does feel awfully nice to have a start on this project!

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