Riggety Rugs

I’m kinda on a rug spree with this house. I think I’m turning into an addict. I gotta say – rugs are hard. Buying online has been tricky – finding them locally can be tough – and finding affordable options in my budget, that is the big whammy. We’ve got the new rug in the Living Room, and this one seems to be a winna. I love that this rug is neutral enough that I can pop it into a lot of different spaces over time. I’m thinking about layering the rug eventually with a wool one over the top (4×6 or 5×7) – we shall see.

Living Room Update

For now, the biggest obstacle with the rug, is that the cat thinks every little bump on it is a bug or something that he has to attack. It’s relatively funny – but also kinda scary to think about the damage this little man might do when we are away at work for the day (cringes). Case and point. Who, you looking at me?

Malcolm and the Rug

Here is a closeup of how the rug looks. Great for adding more texture in the room while staying neutral.

Rug Close Up

Close up looking at the couch. Wham. Bam. Alacazam.

Couch closeup – Living Room Rug

And across the room, looking at the pair of chairs.

Living Room Chairs

I’m loving the look much more over the printed one we had before. Now we need to add some more accessories to the space to continue to tie things together. Speaking of rugs, I’m starting to think more and more about the kitchen renovation we have planned for the house {more on that later} and I’ve become obsessed with the idea of finding a beautiful rug for underfoot in that space. This image has been my inspiration for the hunt.

Kitchen Rug Inspiration
Kitchen Rug via Elle Decor

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