Sometimes, you’re without something for so long, you forget what it’s like to actually have said item. Take kitchen cabinets, for instance. Who needs em’ when you can just keep all your stuff in boxes. All your stuff. After countless delays and countless headaches, y’all, we’ve finally got our kitchen back. I don’t know if I should cry, or grab a hula hoop or chest bump my neighbor, but I must confess, it feels good to be reunited with our cabinets.

Now, our kitchen transformation is not complete. Far from it – see we’re still missing an important detail known as our countertops. Without those, we are unfortunately still sans dishwasher and sink, but I’m celebrating the victory at hand for what it is.

Although this room is still light year’s away from being done (notice how I keep mentioning that) 😉 , I’m happy to report it no longer looks like this.

Martha Stewart Kitchen

Most importantly, however, it no longer looks like this:

Kitchen Before

Old cabinets, be gone. Welcome to the 21st century kitchen.

Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets

Now, if you erase that lovely pink paper on the ground, and the missing backsplash and the lack of counters, I’d say we’ve got a pretty swanky looking space on our hands, no? This room is leaps and bounds better (in many ways) than any other kitchen we’ve had to date. Things like our built-in microwave stand make my heart sing a nice little tune.

Built-in Microwave Cabinet

We decided to go with the Martha Stewart Wellston cabinet front, which is an embellished shaker style door. Very classic looking and I’m absolutely dying to see what it looks like with our new counters installed and our backsplash up.

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

We nearly had disaster strike when our kitchen designer at Home Depot put in the completely wrong fridge size, but when we worked to reconfigure the space, we actually landed up with a happy little accident. See this guy, nestled between our cabinets?

Built-in Spice Drawer

It’s a built-in spice drawer, also known as the best use of 3″ in a kitchen ever. When you live in a small little vintage house, every little nook and cranny needs to get utilized to maximize your storage space, so I’m absolutely loving this new addition. Here it is in action.

Installing Spice Rack

Some things on this kitchen are the same, or very similar to the last one. Since we knew we already liked the look (and price!) on things like our hardware, we decided, why reinvent the wheel. Here is how the hardware looks up and installed, with a breakdown of the sources for each item.

Martha Stewart Wellston Cabinet

Although the baskets we used for storage in the last house don’t fit quite as perfectly in these cabinets, they’ll do just fine for now. Am I the only one that gets giddy from organizing cupboard space 😀 I see a trip to HomeGoods in my future. #basketheaven #husbandhell 😀

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Look how lonely my new lazy susan looks without baskets 🙂 Oh, by the way, not sure how I lived without a lazy susan before now. It’s pretty much amazeballs. so. much. storage.

Martha Stewart Lazy Susan

Although we’re so happy to have our cabinets in, there are still quite a few things that need attention in the room from the installers, including:

  • Toe kick installation
  • Panels on fridge
  • Fixing a gouge in one of the cabinets (replacing it, I’d guess…)
  • Adding a back panel to the peninsula
  • Ordering a new cabinet face for one

Blame it on my fried, overworked brain, but it took me a quick second to realize that final bullet. I kept looking at one of the cabinets and thinking it looked janky, until I realized, yep – totally the wrong cabinet face. Fail, Home Depot, fail.

We’re working with the installers, and hopefully the list above will be accomplished very soon!

Wrong Door On Cabinet

Has anyone else out there done a Martha Stewart kitchen? We still have a few odds and ends that need to get taken care of, but for now, we’re pretty over the moon to have a spot to store all our goods!

8 thoughts on “Reunited

  1. totally loving where your kitchen is going… and i am SOOO jealous of your pull out spice rack… i wish i had one… it is totally the best use of space. i’m really excited to see your countertops in place! 😀

    1. At first we were planning on just putting in a filler piece, but once we realized we could utilize the space for an actual cabinet, we were all over it! Counters are installed later this week, we’re getting excited! 🙂

  2. Yay!! You know I love a white kitchen!! We had a bunch of off/dented things too during our kitchen install. Guess that’s to be expected during such a big project! But it looks great!!

  3. The cabinets are GORGEOUS! This makes me so excited for my new kitchen…we’re building a house, and they’re starting to dig the basement this week (YAY!). Our new kitchen will have white cabinets with steel gray granite counters–I drool every.single.time I think of it! 🙂 Curious what paint color brand/name is painted to the right of your kitchen cabinets in pic #3? Sorry if you posted it in another post, and I missed it!

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