Reunited and it Feels So Good

Oh my kitchen. How I’ve longed for thee. Do I cook? Not a lick. Do I like it when my husband cooks for me? You bet your knickers I sure do. Also, I miss things like having a fridge that stores more than a gallon milk. Yes, we were using a 2 foot tall refrigerator for the past 2-weeks, and living in our basement as the floors get refinished. Oh, and did I mention that a 7 foot tall giant moved in with us? Yes, we don’t have a new pet dinosaur, we do have a new roommate. His name is Iain, and he is living with us for 5-weeks while he works on his Master’s at the U. What a student, what a guy. So anyway, we’ve all been camping out in the basement and storing all our worldly refrigerator items in a mini-mini fridge. Fail. Here, meet Iain.

New Roomie

So much more exciting than the addition of the giant roommate (sorry, Iain), is the addition of our new kitchen cabinets, and the addition of our appliances back in their gosh darn rightful location (hooked up, in the kitchen). Woo to the hoo. Here is a view of the room right after the installers wrapped up their day of work. Still needing a few things (appliances, backsplash, paint touch ups)… but golden mother of pearl, I think we can all agree it’s an upgrade from the empty room we’ve had for the last month.

White Kitchen With Shaker Cabinets

Literally the longest, and hardest part of installing the new appliances (GE Cafe Line) was getting the microwave oven in. Frickety frack. It took like 2-hours, and it was just tedious, to the max. Luckily the microwave came with a handy little template that gave us the play by play of how to get this guy in.

How to Install Wall Mounted Microwave

You literally just put this piece of paper right up against the bottom portion of the cabinets, and it told you exactly where to put each screw and drill each hole. I mean, come on, that is da bomb. Here is Jay, making some final adjustments before we popped in the new microwave. Even with all the hand holding, this step took us 2-hours, and lucky for us, we had an extra set of hands around with Iain, since this beast was heavy.

How to Install Microwave

After we got the microwave, and the rest of the appliances in for the evening, I had to go and take some beau-ti-ful after pictures of this joint. Let me preface that by saying we are missing the following: counters (obvi), hardware, backsplash, a sink, a dishwasher, touch-up paint and … I feel like I’m missing something else, so, we are probably also missing that mystery object. Ah yes – Crown!! We are planning on DIYing the crown over the next few weeks. Yippie skippie. Should be a wee bit easier with the new nail gun. 😉

This is a view of the wall with our range and the microwave. I dig it. We’ll be putting backsplash behind, and there will be counters for prep on either side of the oven.

GE Cafe Gas Range

And a vantage point of just the fridge, and the cabinets around it. The sink will be going in to the right of the cabinets base beside the fridge. Is it just me, or does the area right above the fridge look kind of gappy? I think I might have the hubster come back through and add a piece of trim there to tighten that up a bit.

White Shaker Diamond Cabinets

Oh, and as with any renovation, there were a few issues. Namely, the cabinet panel for the left side of the fridge was “defective” according the the cabinet installers, so we have to order another one that they will come and install in a few weeks. At least it’s just the edge of the fridge, so it should be pretty straight forward to pop that sucker in.

Here is a close up of the fridge, you can see the gap action a bit more from this angle.

GE Cafe French Door Fridge

Overall – I am pretty gosh darn happy with how the kitchen turned out. It’s still not there (we have to wait 3+ weeks for the counters still – UGGGHHH), but man alive, it feels good to have the full-size fridge back. Fun size just wasn’t cutting it.



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