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New year, new you – right? In the spirit of starting things off right, I’ve got a few resolutions I’d like to smack down into the gauntlet to make them a wee bit more official. I’m a pretty analytical and reflective soul. Sometimes that works to my advantage and sometimes it just eats away at me and makes me wonder if I where I should be, where I want to be, where I can be. I’m fighting, my friends, but some days it just doesn’t feel like enough. Some days I wish I was ten feet tall and stopping the buck. But life has a habit of humbling you and reminding you that battles are seldom won over night. To date, my battles have never been won over night. Still waiting on that to pan out 😀

I’ve been talking a lot with the hubby as of late and I told him I wanted the theme of our new year to be diversification. Financially, emotionally, as a family. I want to be diversified, understanding of others and rooted in our own story and our own identities. Confident in the life we’ve chosen. Confident enough in our life to do some crazy things and tip it on it’s head every once and while. So here is my list. Some of it’s of the tipping variety.

1) Finish Our House

We’ve been in this house just over a year, and we’re edging toward the finish line. (Can you believe it) Sure, there will always be projects and beautification happening around here, but I think we are finally phasing out of the wall removal phase(thank you, Jesus).

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2) Buy Another One

Although our track record proves otherwise, we intend to stay in this house for at least a few years (we lasted just over two years in the first abode). That being said, buying and renoing and selling properties is part of my blood line. I just love seeing a space transform from vision to reality.

So Jay and I are doing something kind of ballsy. We are planning on buying a vacation property this year and starting a whole new journey of investing. On one hand, this scares the SHEEIIIT out of me. On the other, it makes me feel like I’m as high as a freaking kite and chasing after my dreams before they can chase after me with regrets. It scares the living day light out of me, but it EXCITES me (both of us!) so much, that I know it’s the right decision. Financially, it has the potential to put us in a more vulnerable position. It also has the potential to completely transform our financial future through creating equity that we can enjoy well into our future. I’m SO excited. Believe you me, I’ll be blogging about the whole scary/awesome/crazy adventure right here.

3) Eat Right

Like every household in America, Jay and I are busy beavers. One thing that always seems to pay the price for that is our eating/sanity when it comes to finding meals to fill our ever hungry bellies. So, in the spirit of starting things off fresh for the new year, I here by resolve that we will MEAL PLAN. Who has 2,438 recipes pinned on pinterest and none of them happening in da kitchen. This girl. It’s high time we started planning – because if I’m learning one thing, it’s if ya don’t plan it out, it just doesn’t happen.

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4) Cleanse our Finances

Now, blame it on my Dad, but I’m a tight wad. I’ve got a dollar on me, it’s headed to the bank. That being said, Jay and I have recently become a bit more “relaxed” shall we say, in our spending habits. We’re both gainfully employed, so sometimes, it just feels good to go out and buy that crap you want. But in complete honesty, it might feel good on the way down but the next morning, I always have a hangover. I don’t want an extravagant lifestyle. I don’t want to spend money excessively. More than anything, I want to reaffirm our frugal ways, which have always kept us rooted.

Starting strong in January, I’ll be setting a strict budget for our family and by George, I have every intention on sticking to it.

5) Plan for the Future

I’m leaving this one open ended 😀 We’ve got some BIG plans for 2014 and I’m so glad all of y’all are along for the ride! Stay tuned …

Bam. That’s my list. What do y’all have cookin’ over in the resolution side of thangs?

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