Relay Race

One of the things we’re always trying to do better in our house is to buy our food as locally, and organically as possible. Here in Durham we’ve got some pretty sweet options for buying our grocery goods – there’s the farmer’s market, a little truck, portable market called LoMo market, and now there’s a new kid in town – Relay Foods.

Well lucky for us, since Relay Foods was new to the area, they were running an introductory special where we could snag $35 worth of groceries, for $15. I like food, I like a good deal, done and done.

Relay Foods Review

Lucky for all of YOU Relay Foods has a promotion special right now where y’all can snag a $30 discount on a $50 purchase. Yes, you did read that right – that means $20 for $50 worth of groceries – HUZZA!!

In our first order, we got an assortment of daily essentials, like eggs, meat, cheese, and bread.

Relay Foods Coupons

Our cheese and egg CSA that we had recently ended, so we were very happy to be reunited with some more delicious dairy 🙂

Coupons for Relay Foods

Along with our promo, they gave us a $10 coupon for some additional goodies. I couldn’t help it. The pizza crazed pregnant women in me went for the totally local, absolutely organic and oh. so. healthy. …. frozen pizza. Snicker.

Relay Foods Coupon

I also got some incredibly delicious organic peanut butter cups to go along for dessert. 😀

You better bet that pizza went into my belly promptly after snapping these photos 😉

Pizza Cravings During Pregnancy

Ready to try it and snag your $30 coupon? Get your shop on, y’all!

Relay Foods Coupon

Note: You need to be a new customer to take advantage of this promotion. If you use this link, I also, get a small credit on my personal account, with which, I will buy more pizza for my pregnant belly to eat. right. up. 😀

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  1. What an awesome deal!! We met these guys when they were canvassing the neighborhood this past summer, and I was so tempted to try it then. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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