Rachel’s Palace

When Jay and I were house hunting, it was important for us to find a home that not only had space for us, but space to grow. Space, specifically, for a new family member that will be arriving in 6 months or so. Snicker. Do y’all think I’m announcing a new human coming out of my belly, cause it really sounds like it, now doesn’t it. 😀 Nope, this family member is not fresh out of the womb, she’s been alive and kicking for the past 21+ years. It’s my lovely kid sister Rachel and her cat son, Lou. When she graduates from college in a few months, she’s heading on down to live with us for a spell. Isn’t that exciting? Well Jay and I are pretty excited 😀

Rachel and Louie

So when we were on the hunt for a house, we knew that we wanted to have a space set aside for her, so that we all wouldn’t feel like we were living on top of each other. One of the reasons I was so bummed about the first house not working out, is that it’s layout was really perfect for that. Turns out, it was good to wait a little longer since this house actually trumps it. Lucky break, I guess! Here’s Rachel’s room – which currently – is the best room in the house with a full bathroom ensuite. #LivinItUp

Guest Room with Onsuite

For storage, the room has a decently size closet , which along with a dresser should be plenty of space for clothing storage.

Small Closet in Old House

It’s not a super large room, but it’s quite a bit longer than the rooms in our last house (almost 14′), which means I think I can eek in a sitting area in addition to the bedroom staples like a bed and a dresser.  I’m thinking if the space allows, I’d like to add a chair and side table over on this wall, next to the entry.

Sitting Area in Small Bedroom

The ensuite has a shower, small pedestal sink and a loo, of course 😉 It’s rather red as of present day, so that’ll be changing fo shizzle.

Adding Bathroom to Master

Even though in my dream of dreams this shower would have subway tile and a marble tile floor, in reality, it functions pretty well as is.

Small Walkin Shower

My immediate plans for both of the spaces are to paint the walls and accessorize, but long term, I do think this bathroom will be getting a gut and an update. If we’re ambitious, that will happen before Rachel arrives, but most likely it’ll be happening after. Luckily the house has another full bath, so we’ll have showering options when the demo day comes.

Guest Room Layout

Since Rachel will be coming down in the beginning of the new year, it’s my goal to have this space pretty much designed and ready so she can just move right in.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve got for this space in my head right now.

Rachel's Room Mood Board

Overall, I want the room to feel comfortable, fresh and inviting. Since Rachel will eventually move out, I’d like this room to be able to transition into a guest room further on down the road. For now though, and probably until Rachel moves in, I hate to admit that this will most likely be a junk collecting room! Gotta put it somewhere! 😀


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