Queen of Persia

What’s wrong with me. Why can’t I satiate my need for rugs around here. Now that we have fluffy floor coverings in the living room, the dining room and both the bedrooms, my heart has once again wandered. This time to a far away and exotic land. Persia, why are your rugs so darn beautiful? You taunt me.

Pinterest also taunts me, by forcing me to pin beautiful images like this one, further fueling my insatiable desire for a soft, glorious, Persian rug underfoot.

Persian Rug in Kitchen

Swoon. Hubba, hubba – right?! So every since I was born practically, I’ve been pegging for one of these beauties to come into my life. Specifically, into my kitchen. We had a little ikat number chilling in our kitchen for a while.

It was nice, but too small, plus it scooted all over the dang place with no rug pad underneath.

White Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

So we later upgraded to a nice neutral sisal rug, which I loved (aesthetically) but as far as function, that one was lagging behind, too. Since you really are not supposed to get natural fiber rugs wet, it wasn’t the best option for the surface right under where you load and unload your dishwasher. That rug wasn’t in long – my only documentation of it is this photo of the orange tabby being cute this winter and trying to stay warm. Heater hog.

Neutral Rug in Kitchen

So, I did what any sane girl about to move her tuckus across the country would do. I drifted over to ebay and bought myself a fancy pants persian rug. I told my husband we needed it to stage the house 😉

Here is my find, in all it’s glorious beauty.

Persian Rug in Kitchen

And a sorta washed out snap shot of it against the counters. Yummerlicious.

Discounted Persian Rug

A nice finishing touch to the kitchen, right? As we’re leaving our mostly finished abode for the next one, I got to thinking about the things I love about this kitchen, and the things I might do differently next time. Without a doubt in my mind, my favorite part of our kitchen by far are the counters.

I fell pretty hard for these counters in the store, and love them even more in person.

Sugarbrush Quartz with Shaker Cabinet

Although I love (ADORE!) the look of marble counters, my husband gave me a firm no on that one. Since I make almost all the design decisions in the household, and he’s the main man in the kitchen, I told him fine, I’d try to find an alternative. Now that we don’t have to worry at all about staining and etching in the stone, I’ve got to say that quartz was definitely the way to go for us. More expensive, but the long term maintenance free nature of it made it so worth it.

Here are our Silestone Lagoon counters in action. MEOOOOWWW.

Silestone Lagoon Counters

Another favorite feature? Our faucet! I love it. Plus, it was way less expensive than some of the other faucets I was lusting over. Added bonus.

Antique Kitchen Faucet

One thing I really love, but might do differently the next time around is our hardware. If I can work up the guts, I’m definitely going antique brass next time around. One lingering concern for me is whether or not I should go matchy matchy with the hardware and the sink…. Although I’d love a beautiful antique brass faucet to go along with the look, all the ones I’ve seen have been mucho cost prohibitive, making me want to sway back to the safe side with the nickel all around.

Martha Stewart Cabinet Hardware

Decisions, decisions….

While we are all pondering the future of my kitchen’s – shall we take one more parting glance at my lovely looker purty Persian. Yes, I thought so.

Hot dog, I’m in love.

Antique Persian Rug

Plus, if y’all are looking to score a similar look for your home, I thought I’d put together some of my favorite sources for quality, but not cray cray expensive, persian rugs.

Sources List for Antique Persian Rugs

Ebay, Specific Sellers:

1) Hgallery128

2) Ruggallery123

3) Rugemporium240

4) Mycony

5) Domimex71


One Kings Lane

4 thoughts on “Queen of Persia

  1. Thank you for the list of persian rug vendors! I’ve been toying with getting one for our new great room, but it needs to be rather large… Maybe I’ll scour through these and see what I can find!! Love the new rug in the kitchen! I find myself going through a antique brass phase at the moment… Love it… 🙂

  2. Do you clean your rug after you get it? If so, how? Knowing these are rugs that have been used for 50-70 years, I just cringe thinking about the condition it is in. How would you recommend cleaning it without taking it to a professional cleaner before you start using it?

    1. We just vacuumed it – no hives yet! 😉 It’s a really tight weave, so there isn’t a lot of padding for anything to soak into. We buy most of our stuff used, so that kind of stuff really doesn’t bother us much! 🙂

      1. Good to know. I love the look and quality of vintage rugs too, will probably try a smaller one to get adjusted first. Thanks for the reply!

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