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At least I’m feeling like yooouurr rulleer, now that’s I’ve some crown in this town. Along with wainscoting, I think you can add crown to my favorite things with the impact it has on a room. Like, not crappy in a snappy. 😀 Snicker. I’m on a roll, people.

One thing is for sure, when we moved into the house a few weeks back, I knew that their, faux crown – shall we say – would not be staying. It was pretty sad and pitiful up close. Here’s a shot of it in our Dining Room, post paint.


It was teeny weeny. Now in my dream of all dreams, my crown is like a foot. A massive chunk of heaven just chilling up there next to the ceiling. Alas, small wrinkle. My husband hates cutting large crown. When we installed super large crown molding in the last house above the cabinets, it took him like an hour to make each cut. Knowing that we had the entire house ahead of us for install, I opted to meet him half way on this one, and pick something a bit smaller than I’d normally go for.

Added bonus. Since this crown was more Jay’s jam, I was even able to convince him to spring for all of it once, which saved us close to $50 with reduced contractor bulk pricing. Huzza!! This is the trim we got, which averaged out to .93 a linear foot with the discount (not shabby).

Purchasing Crown in Bulk

Since most of the pieces we were installing were quite long, Jay did need my help for most of the project to hold the trim while he was installing and cutting, so although one person could do it, I would say it’s a 2-person job in all honesty.

My first call to duty was to pre-paint all the pieces, since we thought it would be a lot easier to just touch up the pieces of trim, vs. painting the entire piece once it was up.

Installing Crown Molding

Even though Jay petitioned for a smaller piece, it turns out this crown was actually still too big for his miter saw – whomp, whomp. But we found a work around and to make things easier, Jay decided to install a small piece of wood on either side of the miter saw, since this raised the fence and enabled him to support the crown against something flat as he cut it (allowing for a straight cut).

How to Cut Crown

My job with the cutting was to stand on either end and hold the piece, so it didn’t waiver too much. Hard stuff, people, hard stuff.

Once we got the crown back inside, we determined the best plan of attack was to nail it in along the bottom, and then come back right along the top, as close to the ceiling as possible. In the living room, we tried nailing it in right in the middle, and found that this kinda gashed the wood a bit, since it didn’t have anything to sink into. It would blow out the section we were in, and create a little crater there of nothingness. It also made a mess all over the floor. Trial and error.

How to Install Crown Molding

You can see the big difference crown made on the corner here in our Dining Room. On the far right, there’s the mini stuff from before and the rest of the shot panning to the left has the new stuff. Much, much better. The last stuff was so small, we were actually able to installing the new piece right over it in most rooms!

Installing Crown

Here’s a close up of the crown in the guest room after the install but before caulk. (Caulk cures all – it’s my number one home renovation motto).

How to Install Crown

See what I mean – same corner, after caulk, pre-paint.

Caulking Crown

Now that we have the crown up, I can definitely tell a difference when I enter the rooms. Call me greedy though, I have plans down the road to potentially snaze things up a bit by adding a small piece of trim down below, and painting the rest. Like this. Here is an example via pinterest.

Faux Crown Molding

Here are some before and after pictures, too!

Of the Living Room.

Living Room Before

After. (Sneaky peak at some new furniture, too!)

Crown Molding in Living Room

The Guest Room, before.

Guest Room Before

And after crown. Still needs some paint touch up though.

Adding Crown To Bedroom

And the Dining Room, before.

Dining Room Before

For this room, I’m just going to show ya a corner, since that chandelier makes it darn impossible to get a good shot of the space otherwise. 🙂 Yum. Don’t you just want to eat it up? Well it’s definitely better than what we had before – that’s for sure!

Crown in Dining Room

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  1. I love the finished look. My home has no crown molding, and it is on my long to do list for my home. I love the look of the thicker more sturdy molding you added!

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