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Really this post should be labeled all the little things we never did, that we were forced to do abruptly before selling our house. It’s amazing what you can accomplish under a bit of pressure 😀

If there is one thing I’ve learned from listing our house for the second time now is that people are nosy and when they are walking through your house, they are going to open up the most random things. Bedside tables, any of your kitchen drawers, closets – anything, everything. Be prepared for it to be opened. I knew off hand that there were a few too many junk drawers in our house, so I decided that before we listed, we should also take a bit of time to spruce up and make sure nothing jumped out of our drawers at people.

Let’s start with our nightstands, which typically looked like this. Every night it was an epic battle to find the chapstick, which seriously irks me, because living through winter’s in Michigan, I’ve got perpetually scaley lips.

Organizing Nighstand

No more my friends. Look what I spotted at HomeGoods for $6.99 each. As luck would have it, each of the organizers I found fit exactly into our petite little bed side tables. Must be fate.

Organizer for nightstand

After throwing out half of the contents and reorganizing the rest, we finally had a compartmentalized storage system. Now if that’s not a slice of apple pie, I just don’t know what is. In addition to being able to find my chapstick, I can now also find my bobby pins, another historically elusive item in the Sell Household. 😉

I’d show you Jay’s side, but it’s pretty matchy matchy so I think y’all get the drift. Mission organize nightstands – DONE!

Organizer for Nightstand

Our next check on the organize/clean this place list was the basement storage closet. Just like the laundry room, this place was a hot mess. At one point you can tell we kinda sorta tried to organize this space (see the baskets!), but that nose dived real quick into this abyss of cleaning supplies, paint cans and screw drivers.

Organizing Storage Closet

Nothing pretty. Since this is a well utilized space, my only goal with this chunk of the house was to get rid of anything that we didn’t need anymore (some MAJOR purging is going on right now, I’ll tell you that much) and group all the other items together with like stuff. So, baskets seemed like a good place to start, and y’all know that if I’ve got basket brain, the best place to cure that ill is a trip to … wait. for. it. …. HomeGoods.

Do I have a basket problem? I think I have a problem.

Best Place for Inexpensive Baskets

But I’m only addicted to basket buying since it makes such a difference! If only I could organize all of my life by buying more baskets, I’m telling ya. Once I reconfigured a few things and gave the heave ho to anything old or non-usable, we were left with this.

Organizing Paint Closet

Added bonus, now when we move we can just grab the baskets with the stuff we’re taking, and pack them just like that. Annnddd their already organized that way, too! It’s pretty important round these parts to always know where our cans of spray paint are. 😀

Another small detail we hadn’t checked off the to-do list was adding hardware to our lovely little closets upstairs. Now, normally I would get hard-core analysis paralysis about a decision like this but being that we installed these the day before we listed our house I just let the Jay bird pick out a set during his lunch break. You know what, I trained that man good. Look what he came back with.

Antique Brass Hardware

Just to go with something different, I decided to pick the antique brass finish. Plus, they were cheaper. Sa-weeet. Immediately after we put them up, I realized we needed to group them in sets of (2), but we ran out of time and the house got listed before the hubby had another lunch break run to the hardware store. At least the people coming through the house could open the doors now. Meh. Done, check it off the list.

Hardware for Bifold Doors

Another thing I’d been itching to do for-eva was to put some more permanent pads on the bottom of our chairs. Especially with lots of people coming in and out of the place, I thought it would be good to have something along the feet to keep everyone from scratching the floors up and making it look janky as potential buyers were inspecting the place with a fine tooth comb.

See, we tried going the cheapster route and getting the normal pads that you just stick on the bottom of the legs – but then this kept happening. Subsequently, we started seeing scratches on our floor as the chairs went in and out.

Pads for Bottom of Furniture

Sooo … we sprung a few extra bucks and decided to buy ones that more or less permanently affix to the bottom of the chair. They’ve got little metal grommets on the bottom, so you just grab a hammer a tap a few times to get them so that they’ll stay as the furniture gets moved around over time.

Permanent pads for furniture

Along those same lines, when we were on our organizing kick pre-listing, we thought that this time provided a good opportunity to do some deep cleaning, too. Our basement carpet in particular had seen better days so we decided to clean out that room and have the pros come through and give it a quick deep clean. We considered doing the whole shabang ourselves by renting a Rug Doctor, but we read some mixed reviews online indicating that the DIY route can leave your rug wet and musty, and since musty basements are generally not a selling feature for houses, we decided to leave this one to the pros. We found a coupon a week earlier that sweetened the deal as well, so it only cost us about $10 more than what we would have spent to do it ourselves.

With some quick furniture moving action, we were ready!

Cost to have carpet cleaned

Now if that wasn’t the biggest hodge podge of house to-do’s I’ve ever put together, well I just don’t know what is. 😀 Devil’s in the details, my friends. 🙂

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  1. might be a hodge lodge but all totally necessary. baskets are my bff.. and i HAVE to know where you got those grommet pads… i’ve been looking for something like that FOREVER and have only ever found the ones that stick… 🙂

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