Posh Planning

Right now, Jay and I tromp downstairs to suds up whenever we feel like be all squeaky clean. Our upstairs bathroom, although a nice spot to use the loo, has actually never been used for bathing. 2 feet outside our bedroom door and we still prefer the downstairs bath. Go figure.

In a few weeks though, my sheestteer Rachel will be moving in and we’ll more or less lose that bath as it’s connected to her room and although if we knocked on the door and batted our eyelashes and said please – I bet she’d let us use it – we wanted to give the upstairs bath a bit of a makeover before she gets here, so that we have a good go to option for us, too.

And you know, Jay and I chatted about it, and in the name of actually having a tres functional bathing locale, we both decided that instead of just buying a new shower curtain and calling it good, that we were going to do a full fledged (albeit not expensive) reno in the room. Get excited. Right after Christmas, we’re turning our bath from this.

Bathroom Upstairs Before

To this.

  Bathroom Renovation

Needless to say – I’m pretty excited about this pending transformation. I owe you a full post on the bathroom’s current state, and why we’ve decided to give it all the heave ho, but for today, I’m just sticking to a quick post on the fun stuff!

We’ll start demo right after Thanksgiving, so look for updated posts on the baths progress soon!

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