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Pocket doors, amigos. It’s where it’s at. Especially when you have a rinky dink small little loo with barely enough space to get your tuckus in and out, let alone worry about a door swinging back at ya. Plus, I like the noise it makes as it slides on the glider. 🙂 #LittleThings

Now, a pocket door really works best when you are already planning on tearing down or putting up a wall. Otherwise, the good old conventional route is probably your best option. We had the advantage of a pretty blank slate upstairs, so putting in the pocket door was really a no brainer. Remember, when we were at this point in the project.

How To Install a Pocket Door

Oh righhhtt. When we were going to install a FULL bath. Things are constantly changing round these parts. 🙂

Man it feels good to not be at that point, I gotta tell ya. Hanging doors is a much better step than installing door frames. 🙂 Being that we had a pocket door on our hands, there were a few extra/different steps from our previous door hanging escapades. Namely the door hardware is altered (since a door knob would prevent the door from closing) and there are rollers in place of hinges.

Let’s start with the rollers.

How to install pocket door

The mount (which gets installed on the door) is in the left side of the picture and the rollers are on the right side. You need two sets of these, so that you can have a pair of rollers mounted to the top of the door.

Here is the top bracket, installed to the door.

Pocket Door Installation

After we got the first bracket on, we installed the other one on the opposite side of the door, about an inch out from the edge.

When we had the top hardware mounted, we had to come back and create a hole in the door for the pocket hardware. A HOLE, in the door. Uggh. I hate it when we have to deface things. It just gives me the heeby jeebys thinking about everything that could go wrong. Luckily, this was a pretty straight forward fix where we just had to make a small rectangle to accommodate the pocket door hardware, below.

Pocket Door Hardware

Overall, this step was pretty easy peasy. We just measured up 34″ (which is the distance the rest of our door handles are) and measured out the correct sized hole for our new fancy pants hardware.

Installing Pocket Door Hardware

To cut the hole in the door, we used a jig saw. Jay cut, while I prayed. And grimaced. And told him to be careful not to cut too much and ruin the door.

To help matters along, we made sure to sketch everything out directly on the door so we’d know exactly when to stop jigging. 😀

Installing Hardware on Pocket Door

We purchased special hardware for the door at Home Depot. They only had one to choose from, so if you were looking for a different color, your best bet would be to spray paint it. Luckily, we decided to just roll with the color since it coordinated with our other fixtures. Lucky break. 😉

How to install pocket door hardware

The door hardware separated into two pieces, so once we had the hole cut into the side of the door, it was just a matter of popping it on and screwing everything in.

Pretty simple. Until we went to hang it and noticed some funky action happening. You see that big old gap on the far right side of the door. Turns out we mis-estimated the amount of trim necessary to properly close up that dang door. And it also turns out that we’d already put on all the trim. Frickety frack.

How to Install Pocket Door

Since we bought everything together in a boxed set, all of the hardware we needed for installing the door came with the frame that we purchased for $50 at Home Depot. That, my friends is a very good thing, since I wouldn’t know the first place to hunt for this stuff if we had to buy it all piece meal. Other than our trim door snafu, the entire project took about an hour.

Once we came back through to fix up our trim, we had this!

Installing a pocket door

The door just slides right on into the wall. Groovy, right? Now you see it, now you don’t!

Framing for a pocket door

Since the rest of the doors were original to the home, we weren’t able to get the exact same door, but I think that since this is the only door on this level that it works to have it be a bit different. It reminds me a lot of the doors that Lindsay has at her home over on White Buffalo Styling Company. Check out her house if you haven’t, it gorgeous!

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  1. Hey Mary!
    Love your blog – your house is super cute!! It’s hard to tell without seeing a photo of the entire door, but…is it upside down??

  2. Oh, WHEW!!!!!
    Congrats and BEST of LUCK to you on your new design services venture!! Sounds like fun.: )
    Have a great weekend!

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