Polish and Shine

How bout a round of applause. Yeah, standing ovation. I may or may not be quoting Rihanna. 😉 I gotta give Jay some classy golf-style applause cause that son of a gun went and surprised me with some stellar domestic capabilities. Darn right I grabbed my camera, because this little fix was so dang easy – and SO necessary (at least in our house), and I thought a few more people out there in the ether might have the same thing going on. Our wine glass, all our glasses actually, were like EMBARRASSINGLY grungy looking! I know it’s probably the fact that we buy cheap dishwasher detergent, but the residue on all of our glass items has been whack lately.

Low and behold, there is a super easy trick to make your glass wear look like $1 million dollars – say that like the guy from slum dog millionaire,  its much more fun. All you need is an SOS pad. No, really. And your glasses will look like this. Huzza!

How to clean a wine glass
Clean Wine Glass

Since SOS pads have a bit of soap already on them, all you need is some warm water, and to gently rub the pad against the side of the glass. Each glass takes like 30 seconds, and then you got a glass that looks super classy and ready for some entertaining. 🙂 An SOS pad is just a piece of steel wool with some soap on it, so I am pretty darn certain that some cheapo steel wool and a wee bit of dish soap would get you the same results. I was concerned that the steel wool would scratch the glasses, but it didn’t at all. Just FYI.

How to clean a wine glass

The wine glasses before were incredibly cloudy and just not looking on top of their game. After seeing how great the first one looked, we grabbed all the glasses in the house and got to scrubbing!

How to Clean Wine Glasses
How to Clean Wine Glasses

It took quite a while for our glasses to get to looking this grungy. I feel like it’s a boiling frog analogy, but we caught em right before they died. Or something like that. We didn’t really notice until recently how BAD they looked, but I’m sure the issue had been building for quite some time, since we got these for our wedding almost 4-years ago. Now check out that before and after! Not too shabby, eh?

How to Clean a Wine Glass
Wine Glass Before and After

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