Planner Fever

Lists – love them, need them, have to have them. Now, a list of my life organized in a cute and succinct and chic little booklet, now that’s just too much to handle for this organized crazed women.

I’ve been researching planner options for like – a year – and I’ve got a list of some of my favorites that are currently on the market.

Best Day Planners


Lilly Pulitzer // Simplified Planner // Day Designer // Erin Condren // Pattern Play

I love them all (so fun, so bright, so organized!) but I have a few leading contenders. Two actually. ๐Ÿ˜€

Day Designer

Ok, yes – I know. It says $59 dollars and it’s a little wee planner chock full of not gold, but paper (a lowly priced commodity last I checked). That being said – let’s just say it’s full of magical paper that organizes your LIFE with the wave of a hand – err – pen.

Here is a close up shot of the daily planner page. I’m in heaven.


Just look at all that organization. Hubba, hubba – MEEEOOOOWW.

My favorite features about this planner:

  • Today’s Top Three: I’m prone to making To-Do lists that can get a bit hairy (i.e. long) I love the idea of prioritizing the essentials and making sure they’re done before my head hits that pillow.
  • Don’t Forget: I forget things. Often. I think that’s why I love my lists ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Big Ol’ To-Do List: Did I mention I like lots of To-Dos on that list? This one provides ample space for me to add in a laundry list of items. Plus, did you notice the check boxes. Yes, that gives me extra gratification and YES I love them.

Only gripe. Wish the dinner section was larger. We don’t go out often, so this would be a locale for me to put in our meal – which I like to include our sides for. It’s a bit tight for that.

Simplified Planner Review


Oh my. Here’s some more gorgeousness coming right on up!

Love this one, so many fun colors to pick from, it’s just beauty at it’s core – and $1 cheaper for all you eagle eyed viewers out there.

Here is a close up page from this lovely looker.

Simplified_Planner Page


My favorite features about this planner:

  • Monthly Tabs:ย Love the colorful monthly tabs on this one. The idea of just hopping to a month to see what we’ve got in store (vacays, deadlines, etc.)
  • Dinner Space: I like that this planner gives more space for dinner time planning. Since we almost always cook in, this gives me more space to plan our meals.
  • Elastic Band to Hold Closed:ย One feature this planner has the the Day Designer does not is an elastic band to keep it closed. Since I wouldn’t want the pages to get creased, and may want to add additional notes (sticky, etc.) I like that feature.

So do you guys have a favorite planner? What helps you to bust out the tasks at hand each day?

6 thoughts on “Planner Fever

  1. I went back and forth between these two for so long trying to decide, but then I saw the Kate Spade planner in a store and was immediately hooked. It’s cheaper, very cute (black and white stripes or gold and white polka dots), and has everything I need. Either way, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these!!

  2. Hi Mary, I”m not this organized I can usually remember everything that I need to do.I have one son who cannot function without his planner. He is still single and is very involved in many thing so the planner keeps him organized. Also I was wondering what are some of your dinners that you put together. Do you all eat alot of salads or are you a “meat and potato” kind of family?? I have had to cook so long for my family [ family of 8 ] that now that they are all on their own and Al and myself are retired I just hate to cook now. Any suggestions for a good meal that does not require lots of time to put together? Also are you feeling better now? Take care! Sandee- Fairfax Va.

    1. I have a Pinterest board with recipes that I keep as inspiration and reference very often when I can’t figure out what to make for dinner! The amount of recipes on Pinterest is staggering, but over time I have gotten some tried-and-true, and you can also search specifically for quick meals.

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