Pixel Pride | Giveaway!

Water colors and state pride, it’s like butter and jam. It just goes good together. Actually watercolor and anything – maybe it’s a trend lately but I’m loving it (have you guys downloaded the waterlogue ap? so fun!)

Pixels and Wood is offering any print from her shop for the winner this week. Here are a few that y’all can pick from!

Like this print (customized for your state!)

Home Is With You

Or this fun one!

Life is Short

And for a rustic space, or rustic nursery perhaps – I adore this one!

Fortune Favors the Brave

Enter the giveaway, here.

Win: Any print from Pixels and Wood 
When: October 21st – midnight on Tuesday, October 28th
Winner: Announced on this post, next Tuesday!

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63 thoughts on “Pixel Pride | Giveaway!

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  2. I want to read people’s minds and that’s what I usually say, but one time someone said they would want the power to heal people, and I think that one is nicer.

  3. I love the prints. One superpower I would love to have is the ability to master any subject that I read/watch instantaneously.

  4. My superpower would be the power of being content – Just being happy no matter what comes my way, not letting anything bother me at all

  5. I used to have many dreams of flying. It felt so freeing and invigorating so that’s the super power I would choose….to FLY!

  6. My first thought was to be able to read minds or be invisible. ..but that would be detrimental. So I’ve always wanted to fly since I was little!

  7. I would love to snap my fingers and have dinner ready and the house clean.
    Not sure that would be a super power?

  8. I would have the power to ‘click my heals’ and wish my heart somewhere else. Being a military family we’re separated a lot (like right now). How I would love to ‘wish’ to be with my hubby and actually make i happen!

    These prints are so lovely. Have a great week!

  9. Great question!!! I think that I would like the superpower of being able to get whatever I want with just a snap of my fingers.

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