Pillow Fight

Oh man, I’ve been thrifting again and I’ve got some mad spoils to share. Mostly, more linens 🙂 Oh, and more art. 😉 Last time I went to Kiwanis I stocked up on new sheets for the bed, but alas, these sheets were without one essential element – pillow cases.

So our extra set of pillows looked like this. Oye.

Old Pillow Cases

Rather embarrassing, especially when you have extra peeps coming through your house via airbnb. So when I found this group of bad boys for a buck a pop, I couldn’t say no.

Pillow Cases From Thrift Shop

Although not all of them are in sets, I think they will work well for spare pillows for when we have extra people in the house. I also like that they are all neutral enough that we can mix and match them with other sheet sets and not feel like they are sticking out too much. Normally, I wouldn’t go for a pattern, but I love the soft floral options we found along with the solids.

After the pillows were looking so nice and new, I thought it was a good time to tidy up the linen closet and give them a good new home. Malcolm helped. 🙂

Orange Tabby

This is how everything looked after we had them stocked away. Much better.

Organized Closet Tricks

Here’s a shot of the purty little pillows looking mighty nice organized up top.

Organizing Pillows in Closet

During our thrifting trip, I also picked up this sweet little art print, which we currently have up on the front foyer table. It adds some texture to a space that had a lot of dark wood going on right now. I think I may be starting a gold obsession over here. 😀

Antique Gold Frame

We also got a frame for the orange boy’s baby picture. Only set us back a buck and it’s the nicest little spot for us to admire his infinite cuteness.

Small Gold Frame

Has anyone else been out thrifting over the holiday? Share what you snagged!

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