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Now that the floors are finally wrapping up, I’m moving on to some new projects I’ve been dying to get my hands on. When we ordered our cabinets through Lowe’s, one of the extra little bonus’s we got was a gift card for 10% of the total value of our project. This was a promo that kind of popped up right before we were going to pull the trigger on our cabinets, so needless to say, it was a very welcome surprise. Although I kept harping to Jay at the time that I wish they just would have taken that $500+ off the cabinet total, now I’m pretty pumped to have that money land into my lap! I’ve got some plans for it. 😉

Ready to play my game – I’ve got $532 – let’s spend it!

This is our outside right now. Not a whole lot happening. The garage, it’s like a Christmas themed pole barn. I’m waiting for the man with the bag to hop out and give me a present. Not working.

Outdated Garage

Although, this garage does have some really nice features (it’s HUGE), it’s lacking some ommph factor in my book. Nothing my gift card from Lowe’s can’t fix! The lights that are mounted right now on the garage are really just much too small. And kinda dated too. To help balance out the large garage facade, I’m planning on popping some larger lights on there. Here is what we have right now.

Garage Lights

Got my eye on these babies right now. $110 each. Not shabby considering they are 27″ tall.

Allen and Roth Parsons Light

Or maybe these ones? Slighter smaller (17″) and more expensive ($134) and also not from Lowe’s. Triple fail. But I like them. Le sigh.

Craftmaid Riviera Collection

Getting two of those will knock $200 off my total. That’s a chunk, but for the kazam factor, I’m going to take the jump and go for it. $332 left. Another thing I’ve been wanting to do is to plant some ivy along our little rock path, which runs along the side of the driveway. This area didn’t drive me so crazy before, but now it’s got a bunch of weeds popping up, and I’d prefer to have something more manicured there. Here is a shot of our not so happening patch right now.

Rocks along side of drive

I’m budgeting $30 for this. I’ll get a dozen or so starter plants, and just let them go. That leaves $302.

I think the front of our house is cute, it’s quaint, it had me at hello. But there are a few things that I think we can do to pump up da volume and bring this house from an 8.5 to an 11. Yeeeaaahh baby – off the charts. I’m painting it. $100 bucks, and ya got yourself a beautiful new abode. When I was mixing up the paint for the downstairs bath, I kept thinking to myself – gosh darn – this would look pretty snazzy outside, too. So, I popped a wee little sample up on the back of the house. Thoughts?

Benjamin Moore Northern Cliifs

Still mulling over the paint color (perhaps something darker, with more gray?), but all things considered, I’m going to budget $150 for all the exterior paint, since I don’t think we will need much (most of the house is brick). Within that, I’d also like a gallon to paint the garage door white. Never done that before (painted a garage door), so I’ll be sure to share all the grimy details, and twists and turns, that come with that one 😉

After paint, I’ve still got $152 left over. If I get my way, those dollar billz will go toward a gorgeous new trellis / pergola over the garage and some creeping vines (not to be confused with creepy vines). Young House Love recently popped a pergola up on their abode, which overall is the look we are going for. Here is my inspiration picture. Drool.

Garage Door Pergola



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