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With our new closets going in upstairs, I’ve been re-evaluating our downstairs storage situation and moving a few things around. And … patching a few things up. Remember when we re-did our floors, last July. Yeah, as in 8 months ago. 😀 Well some of the trim still had splash of dark stain messing with their mojo. Like this

How to fix ugly closet

Not very handsome. Since we’ve been hauling a lot of stuff out of these closets as of late, I’ve been able to see these blemishes a bit more up close and personal than I’d like. So, since we already had the paint brushes out to tackle all the upstairs trimming that was happening, we decided it was high time to spruce these bad boys up again. See how much better it looks with a coat of paint? (two, actually)

Painting Trim in Closet

Alas, when you start to improve one area, it can make the others suddenly look a bit dismal. Like the closet walls. Dingy dive, I tell ya.

I looked around in our basement and found the wall color (Behr, Wisdom) and decided that if it was good enough for the room, it was good enough for the closet. Plus, I had just enough left of it to paint the closet while leaving a dash behind for any future touch ups.

Organizing Small Closet

Now that the closets were all painted and pretty, I felt the tug of homegoods calling me. Baskkeettss – I need basskkeetts. Am I the only basket fiend around here? I see a blank space, and I see a basket. I think I have a condition.

See? Baskets galore in this joint.

Baskets for Kitchen Storage

Since this room is used for our Airbnb guests, I decided to mix it up and get a larger hamper like tote for visitors that stay a bit longer and might want to do some laundry while they are here. Plus, it’s cute to boot and only set me back $12 at HomeGoods. Holla!!

IKAT Laundry Bag

Our front closet was also looking a bit bare in the storage category, so I came back with this multi-use tote to schlep our extra winter essentials in. Our cold weather grab bag. Helps that it’s got summer stripes adorning the side. Almost makes me feel like spring is right around the corner 😀

Striped Storage Tote

And shiver me timbers, when I was sorting through the basket aisle at HomeGoods I found something that looked familiar sitting there just asking me for the taking. Why yes, those are our pillows from down in the basement. 😀 Jay was like, but don’t you already have those, and I was all like, yeah, but ya never know when I might want more and by that time Homegoods won’t be selling them and I think I should grab them just in case, so I’ll have them next time I need them! #Horder

IKAT Pillows

See, look how cute they look adorning our cane chairs. At $8 each, I had to grab them for future accessorizing needs. 😀

Pillows Made in USA

Now, since my urge to fill a cart at HomeGoods is never ending, I’ve developed a little sly system for keeping myself from going broke. First, my mantra is if I don’t see myself using it (i.e. if I don’t know where I want to put it), I don’t get it. William Morris holds the key to my heart – “Have nothing in your house that you don’t find to be beautiful or useful”.

Ok, yes. The pillows may have broken rule #1. Dang. But, in my defense, I can see them in my future, so I got em. Plus, they were a steal…. 😀

My second cost saving tip – shop the clearance racks! I.E. steal of a deal pillows! Although things are already marked down at HomeGoods, I try to check out the clearance sections first, to see if there is anything that catches my fancy.

My final mantra, use dem’ credit card points, baabbbeeeyyy. Now, Jay and I are pretty low to moderate spenders, but non-the-less, we accumulate some bonus points from time to time. Instead of just letting them sit there and collect dust, I usually get a gift card to a store I know I’ll enjoy shopping at. And yes, that store is 90% of the time, HomeGoods.

Next up on my organization hit list.

Organizing Small Entry Way

Mmm… yep. In need of some HomeGoods assistance if ya ask me 😉

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