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Y’all, selling a house is tiring. It’s keeping your house clean. Setting up appointments for people to come through, muddy boots and all and slop through the place. Making sure that everything’s nice and tidy all the time is a lot to take, so Jay and I kinda went with the mentality that we’d bite the bullet and have an open house this time around. Kinda encourage all that hullee hue to happen all at once instead of spreading out the pain.

Since we’d never had an open house before, I thought of it as a bit of an opportunity to have some fun with it and make things nice and homey. Starting with … flowers. All of my fellow mitten friends know that it’s definitelyย not spring outside, so I thought I’d treat everyone to a bit of eternal sunshine inside the abode.

Inexpensive flower locations

For those urban dwellers out there, can I get an AMEN on the fineness that Trader Joe’s is to this world? I snagged myself some bundles of flowers for all of $5. Fiva dolllaassss!! That made me one happy camper.

After sleuthing through the house for a bit, I realized that I did needed to stock up on vases though, which set me back $10. If we had more time, I would have definitely gone the thrift round for this, but desperate times call for, HomeGoods, quite frankly. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Vases for FLowers

I’ve gotta say that after having flowers grace our house for the rock bottom price of pennies on the dollar, I’m pretty sure I need to make this a more regular tradition. On instagram someone mentioned that they get flowers on a bi-weekly schedule, and I’m pretty sure that’s going to become a new tradition for me once we’re settled down south. I even found a flower CSA, now how cool is that?!

This was the view as people came through the doors. It’s all about good first impressions, right. ๐Ÿ™‚

Flowers in the foyer

I mixed some of the flowers to get a nice little array in the dining room as well. So dang pretty, it made my heart hurt. I really think I need flowers gracing my doorways a little more often.

Simple Flower Arrangements

I had a few flowers left after the two main arrangements, so I added a nice little kitchen rendition in a mason jar as well. Ah, yes. So nice and pretty! I just love flowers in mason jars, something about it just cries of a summer day to me. Just don’t look outside ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flowers in Kitchen

While I was doing the whole make the house look snazzy routine, I thought that I’d try to clear out our cabinets at the same time with some of our treats for the airbnb guests.

Cookies and fancy pants lemonades for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Hosting a good open house

Meanwhile, Jay was outside breaking his back and trying to chip away the 4+ inches of ice that was glued to the top of our driveaway. See, with all this polar vortex mumbo jumbo, every. single. bag. of salt was completely sold out here in Ann Arbor. We were totally oblivious to this supply and demand conundrum until we went out to grab a few bags to clear up the driveway and we’re promptly laughed at and told to call back in a week. Mamma mia.

Selling your house in winter

So the good news is, the open house most definitely worked because our house sold the next day with FOUR OFFERS on it!! It totally helped that our neighbor’s across the street listed their house a week before with a pie in the sky number (like seriously, cray cray expensive), and they had an open house the same day, which generated lots of extra foot traffic.

How to price your house to sell

All things considered, we are so thankful that the house is sold and that we can finally move on to fine tuning the details to get our badonka donks down to NC. Overall, I’ve gotta say I would never advise owning a home for the blink of an eye that we were in ours (one and half years), but we’re pretty lucky that everything worked out. If anything, it was just overly stressful to be renovating it for the entire time we were in it. I mean we pretty much never got to enjoy the fruits of our labor, so that was kinda of disappointing. For all you real estate number crunchers out there, I’ll be doing a break down post of how much we put into the place and how much we walked away with at the end of the day, too.

This house has been so good to us, and it’s so bittersweet to be saying goodbye, but we are SO EXCITED for the next chapter!

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8 thoughts on “Opening the House

  1. Congrats on the sale! I have to agree that keeping the house “show ready” all day every day is difficult and stressful. You’d done a beautiful job with your home!

  2. Congratulations on the sale! I’m so over the hassle of home showings and open houses. Our home has been for sale for a year ๐Ÿ™ Clearly Prince Edward Island does not have the same mass appeal as Ann Arbor! Four offers in one day?!?! Now that’s cray cray!

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