One Tile at a Time

The good news, this tile was monumentally easier to rip off than the last house. The bad news, it still takes a decent chunk of time! 🙂 Here is the bathroom in all it’s lime green and square tile glory. I think the waterpik finishes off the look, right!?

How to remove bathroom tile
Bathroom Tile Before

One thing we learned the hard way the first time around – protect your tub when removing tile! We had a really nice cast iron tub in our first house that we pretty much ruined during the demo process. Cry. No actually, pretty sure I cried. We were able to find an apoxy product to recover it after, but it was never quite right again. This tub is fiber glass, but we definitely want to avoid any scratches from getting on the surface of this guy. We had some moving blankets left from our first place, and we just used some tape to make sure the blanket was sufficiently covering all the surface area we wanted to protect. Here is Jay, covering the tub with the blanket.

How to protect your tub with tile removal
Protecting the Tub During Reno

But then, Jay came up with an even better idea! He’s been reading these handyman magazines, and one of them said to cover the tub area in plywood. A la the picture below. This option was super great since it not only protected the tub, but gave us a surface to stand on while we removed the tile as well.

How to protect a tub during tile removal
Protecting Tub with Plywood

Here are all the tools we used to remove the tiles in the bathroom. Funny story, on the first house, we used a metal hammer instead of a rubber mallet. I think we still have hearing loss from it! Jay went to work the next day and was lamenting to his friends about it, and they are all like – dude – use a rubber mallet. he he. So note to anyone out there, use a rubber mallet. Metal on metal = bad.

How to remove tile
Tools to Remove Tile

We were pretty happy to find that the first tile just kinda popped off! I can’t even express how awful this demo process was in the first house. We had like 6″ of lathe behind 1940’s tile and there was so. much. dust. This little guy just hopped right off into Jay’s hands with a bit of chiseling. As we went further into the tile, it got progressively more difficult to convince them to come off, but still, mega easy compared with the first place. It’s all relative, right? 🙂

Removing tile from bathroom
First Tile!

Look how happy Jay looks with that first (intact!) tile. So we were just chugging along, chiseling these babies off. And the THIS happened. Three times. Yeah – that’s a big piece of tile. Victory is ours!

Bathroom Tile Removal
Bathroom Tile Removal

Of course, we eventually had a visitor come to check in on the progress. He’s like – don’t look now guys – but there is a big hole in the wall… Couldn’t get that bugger to look at the camera for the life of me – he was so fascinated with the new hole. he he. Makes me chuckle.

Malcolm the Cat
Bathroom Renovation Helper

Here is what the bathroom was looking like sans tile. Very messy – but it looks like progress! 🙂

Tile removal bathroom
Bathroom Sans Tile

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  1. Isn’t amazing how HEAVY all that tile debris is? Such a big job but glad the cat could help. My cat helped me when I retiled our shower once. He laid in the tub and monitored the situation. Hurray for progress!

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