Off to a Bang: July Monthly Recap

July. The quintessential summer month. Bar-b-ques, beaches, and kitchen renovations. All in the sweltering heat, some more enjoyable than others. One thing is for sure, after our July of kitchen renovating, we were definitely ready for some good old R&R. Or some more house renovating, all the same round these parts 😉 Let’s cruze on back in time, shall we?

Table Talk

We started out our month by refurbishing the Dining Room table. Craigslist score for $90. Yes pa-lease. With a cherry on top. It was a bit of an iterative process (i.e. sander = not the way to go), but in the end, we’ve finally got a place we can put our food at dinner time.

Using Ammonia To Remove Old Stain

Mega Mulching

Another sure sign of summer, weeds sprouting up everywhere you look in the yard. Since we hadn’t really taken time out to mulch our lot this spring, the normal dose of weeds had a few extra friends along for the ride. Better late than never, right? The house is now looking totally mulchified. Which is a good thing, by the way. If you couldn’t tell.

Dark Mulch

Bathroom Sprucing

Our basement bathroom had a few lingering details that we were able to tackle this month, making the space that much more inviting. We scored an $8 piece of art from Target, and got around to finally painting and caulking the trim. Geesh. About time.

Bathroom Organization

Kill Dem Weeds

Staying on a lawn inspired theme, we decided to try a natural weed killing concoction to see if we could battle the enemy sprouting up in every crack and crevice in our driveway and patio. Mission weed kill was a success – doesn’t hurt that our home made remedy was only pennies on the dollar. Sa-weet.

How to Kill Weeds Naturally

Window Washing

After all the renovating that had been going down in this house, our windows were looking pretty grungy. It was high time for some elbow grease and scrubba dub dubbin. Best part about this little home sprucing extravaganza. Didn’t cost us a dime. Since kitchen renovations can make you feel kind of poor, that is a very good thing.

How to Clean Windows

Blessed Be Thy Counters

After what felt like years of waiting, our counters we’re installed and delivered, getting our kitchen one step closer to being checked off the big fat to do list. Best part, I’m pretty much ready to write my counters a love song. Beautiful is the only way to describe this hunka hunka engineered stone.

Silestone Lagoon

We even broke down the different prices we saw when shopping, to give you a lay of the quartz counter top land.

Price per square foot marble alternatives

Amortization Action

We finished off the month by crunching some numbers and saving ourselves over $60,000 in interest on the life of our loan. Now that is some serious moolah back in your pocket. Amortization is the key – we committed to adding some extra to our principal each month, and then sat back and watched the magic happen.

How to Pay Off House Loan Quickly


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